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  1. Michael just wrote me that I can be suspended for calling Omar Khadr supporters terrorist apologists. Hey, Omar Khadr supporteres...you're terrorist apologists. Shame on you.

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    2. Charles Anthony

      Charles Anthony

      Waldo responded civilly to the comment. Thus, deletion of the comment would make Waldo's response seem confusing or nonsensical. That is not an acceptable moderator intervention. --- Had I seen the comment before Waldo/anybody else quoted/responded to it, I would have nixed it too. There was nothing wrong with MH's judgement to nix the post save for the respect that should be afforded to Waldo for his response which side-stepped that which may or may not be perceived to be trolli...

    3. drummindiver


      You would have nixed "terrorist apologist"? Really? When that is someone's stance? There is something wrong with MH's nixing it....it's called promoting one's bias as a moderator. What would you call all the terrorist supporters? Regardless of one's stance, Khadr is a convicted murderer, terrorist. Yours and Michaels' stance is beyond indicative of bias...the multitude of threads concerned with moderation and forum facilitation on this site clear evidence.

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