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  1. I agree that eliminating provincial deficits and paying down existing debt is very important. However, Canada is currently in very good financial shape when compared to all other G7 countries and there is no need for anyone to be alarmed. If something changes which pushes the Federal gov't back into a deficit position then we need to worry.
  2. Sorry, just because the CPC says the Liberals are corrupt does not make true. All the facts uncovered at Gomery point to a realtively small group of individuals who were operating without approval or knowledge of most people in the Liberal party. There is absolutely no real evidence that implicates any of the sitting MPs for the Liberals (There is lots of hearsay - no evidence). The CPC could have choosen to stick to policy principles and, for example, push the gov't to deliver more tax cuts. Instead, they decide to create this fiction of a corrupt government in the hopes that Canadians would come running into their arms. That strategy completely backfired since the CPC is no closer to forming a majority than they were last year but now we have the added burden of all that extra spending because the CPC did not do its job.
  3. We also have the 10 largest economy. Having $1,000,000 of debt is fine if you make 2,000,000/year. It is a big problem if you only make $50,000/year.
  4. I was talking to a German about thier free university system. Apparently it takes 7 years to get a 4 year degree in Germany because there are not enough spaces in the classes. It turns out that Germany has exactly the same problem we have with our health system: the gov't cannot control costs by limiting demand with higher fees to users so instead it limits supply to control costs. The net result is you end up with an unequal system where the rich go to private universities and get their degrees quickly while the rest waste valuable working years in an inefficient system.
  5. The only reason the NDP have that power is the Conservatives abdicated their responsibility to hold the gov't accountable in order to try and grab the power for themselves. This orgy of spending would have never happened if the CPC had not threatened to defeat the gov't over Gomery. The actions of the CPC over the last few weeks have completely undermined its own moral authority. Regards
  6. It is anybody's guess what would happen after a yes vote. Seperatists like to say that Canada is divisible but Quebec is not. This is plain hypocrasy - if people in Montreal are motivated enough to exchange in public protests and civil disobedience then the seperatists will have little choice but to negotiate partition. One can reasonably argue that Montrealers would be pragmatic and just try to make do with the new political situation. However, this could be messy once Canadians sit down and figure out the implications of allowing 20% it citizens to live outside the country. It is quite likely that Montreallers would find that they have to move, support partition or give up their Canadian citizenship. Just another reason why Quebec separation is a pandoras box that should never be opened. Regards
  7. There is absolutely no evidence that all or even a large number of Liberals are guilty of corruption. All the evidence at the Gomery inquiry seems to confirm that a relatively small group of Liberals were acting without the knowledge or control of most Liberals. How you like to be accused of being theif because a co-worker stole something from your employer?
  8. Agreed. But the governing party tends to get credit for good or bad economies whether they deserve it or not. I was answering your question why people are reluctant to remove the Liberals - its the 'things aren't so bad - why rock the boat' type of thinking. I wasn't referring to Harper's support of US-friendly policies such as missle defence (which I support BTW). I am refering to the hard right politics of the neo-cons in the US. Many people are afraid that there are many US style neo-cons hiding in the bushes of the CPC and they do not really believe the assurances and public declarations of moderate CPC policies. Harper really needs to learn from the BC Liberals. They are an economically conservative party that does not touch social issues with a 10 foot pole. As result, they had no problem getting elected. Regards
  9. What happened is some individuals who happened to be members of the governing party stole money from the government. There is no evidence that the vast majority of Liberals had any part of this. People who claim otherwise are partisans who exagerate the extent of the corruption for political gain. Regards
  10. I find hard to believe that any supporter of the Canadian Action Party really understood the economics courses they took. Although it is true that the BOC could create money from nothing they fail to point out that there are negative concesquences: specifically, it would undermine confidence in the monetary system and likely trigger hyper-inflation (i.e. the value of the money would collapse). Consider this example: any company can create new shares in itself and sell it on the stockmarket. So why would any company borrow money from the bank at a high interest rate? The answer is obvious: the value of the stock would collapse if the company did this too many times. So in short, the BOC has done a wonderful job maintaining everyone's confidence in the montary system and deserves credit for the healthy economy we have today. Regards
  11. THe natives could decide to stick with an independent Quebec, however, that would only happen after the seperatist gov't acknowledges that Quebec has no claim on the northern territories. A compromise that seperatists would likely never be able to make. On the other hand, the Canadian gov't would be in a position to give the natives that recognition. Citizenship is also over-looked as an issue. Most Quebequers assume that they will be allowed to keep their Canadian citizenship if Quebec were to seperate, however, it is rediculous to think that Canada could function if 20% of the eligible voters were living in and paying taxes to another country. As a result, many federalists will find that if they want to remain Canadian they must: 1) Relocate to Canada as soon as possible. 2) Support the partition of Quebec. Both options will have a significant negative effect on the economy of an independent Quebec. In short breaking up a country is a nasty business and cannot be justified unless there is overwhelming (>75%) support for such a move. Regards
  12. The US is as geographically divided as Canada. Republicans are as disliked as much as CPC in the cities and large states like New York and California.
  13. All parties of all stripes make mistakes while in power, the Liberals are no different. An informed voter must balance these mistakes against the good things done. On the whole Liberals have managed the country and economy pretty well in the last 12 years: taxes are down and jobs are up. Many people recognize this that that is why the CPC is having trouble increasing its support. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence that all or even a large number of Liberals are guilty of corruption. All the evidence at the Gomery inquiry seems to confirm that a relatively small group of Liberals were acting without the knowledge or control of most Liberals. By accusing all Liberals of being corrupt, the CPC violates the sense of fairness that most Canadians have. That is sense of fairness is why most Canadians want to wait for the Gomery report. Lastly, the worst enemy of the CPC is George Bush and the Republicans right. Most Canadians are repelled by the far right in US and way too often Steven Harper sounds like he shares their ideology. It is true that the CPC has tried to moderate its position but many people are concerned that is just an ruse to grab power. The CPC really needs to prove to centrist Canadians that it is not the US republican party in disguise. Steven Harper could do this by dropping opposition to the gay marriage bill and by indicating that he will not support any private members bill that tries to restrict access to abortion. Regards
  14. This makes me laugh: the current first past the post system gives rural regions a disproporationate share of the vote because rural ridings have a much smaller population than urban ridings. If we had a pure proporational representation system in Canada the CPC would be toast since large population centers tend to vote Liberal or NDP. I assume that the guy who wrote this would not be happy with either of these parties.
  15. Nations built on ethno-centric or religious nationalism are suffocating places that supress their own people in the name of national unity. Most of the wars in the world now are started by nations with 'higher callings of loyalty like religious faith or national identity'. Canada is a place that is flexible enough to accodomate many visions of how the world should work. Flexibility and compromise, unfortunately, is very messy and is very unstatifying to those quebequois and christian fundementalists who prefer to describe the world in absolutes of black and white. For me and many other Canadians the undefined mess that is Canada is something to be proud of. The corruption in Quebec Liberal party was caused by a relatively small number of unethical people that are always attracted to parties that have political power. It is no different than the NDP 'bingogate' scandal in BC were the provincial NDP party was caught stealling money from charities. In the BC case, the guilty were drummed out of the party and sent to jail and the party recovered. The same will happen in Quebec. Unfortunately, there are many opportunists that seek to exagerate the importance of the scandal in order to promote thier own political agendas.
  16. Belinda is better cast as Princess Amidala: who, after being unable to stop Anikan Skywaker (Steven Harper) from turing to to the dark side, turns to the bumbling and divided Jedi Council (the Liberals and NDP) for help. Despite their faults the Jedi Council is the only force for good in the Galaxy that is willing to fight against the dark forces of self-centered greed and hatred of people who are different. Regards
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