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Russ Feingold as the Democratic Choice in 2008?

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Although Feingold usually receives support in the single digits in opinion polls featuring various potential Democratic presidential candidates, he remains highly popular among Democratic grassroots activists.

Who is this guy?

If the Democrats do "well" in the congressional elections in November 2006 (which is possible given their current situation and low expectations), then I expect them (the democratic base) to go into wide-eyed suicide mode. Will they pick this guy?

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I think the Democrats' greatest weakness with the general electorate is that the party doesn't seem to stand for anything and, as a result, the public doesn't trust them. During the 2004 election, countless number of polls showed that the public disagreed with Bush on most issues (similar to how they felt about Reagan), but they voted for him anyhow because they "[knew] what he stands for."

I think Hillary fits into the Democrats' unfortunate history of selecting candidates who seem more interested in furthering their careers than in fighting ideological battles (e.g., Dukakis, Gore, Kerry).

Personally, I don't think Hillary is going to run in 2008. From what I've read, both Clintons are the type who don't run a race they can't win and I simply think her "negatives" are too high among too many voters. Hillary is a brilliant woman and someone I admire for her intellect, but I think she is too polarizing and will only serve to galvanize support behind whoever her opponent would be if she ran. And I don't think she is able to offer anything to neutralize those negatives. If she was able to show voters she was passionate about issues she might have a shot, but I think Hillary is viewed more as an opportunist than as someone who wants to be president because she truly believes she can lead the country in the right direction.

I do not agree with Finegold on some issues, but I think it would be healthier for the Democrats to run an ideologue who might lose than picking someone who can be so easily cast as an opportunist.

My personal favorite is Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia.

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