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Why Should Americans Live?

Guest tweak124

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SirRiff has no justification because none exists for his contentions.

From the very beginning, President Bush has made it plain that the Sheriff has left the building. We are not in the Nation building business - not if the only connection to America is that someone wishes us to be the policeman! In the matter of Liberia, there is a tenuous connection which is forcing President Bush to assent to American involvement.

Candidly, much of Africa has descended into barbarism no other description could fit the situation. I believe all of the assets and troops of the first World could be swallowed into the Continent with little or no resolution of its conflicts. Long term, it may be a longer battle than that against terrorism. Forget about calls from Old Europe and the UN for our involvement and disregard our bleeding heart elite and their copious tears for the poor Liberians, none of these motivated our involvement.

There exists a vague feeling among Americans that as we were involved in the creation of Liberia, it remains some sort of a B@stard step-child for whom we bear some family responsibility. Perhaps the fact that Taylor and his gang are "Americos" and are descendants of the founders also adds weight to this feeling. To this must be added the racial politics of America today. Bluntly, the usual suspects among radical Black politicians were claiming the reason President Bush did not want to get involved was because it involved the rescue of "Blacks". This may not make much sense to Canadians and it may not be logical but in American Racial Politics, it is a fairly high card to play with a potential to become a major issue in the 2004 election.

The form and substance of our involvement is consistent with prior statements from President Bush; those that created the problem must participate in its solution. Many of the members of ECOWAS have participated in the trouble making in the area and, in fact, two of them sponsor and support the two "Rebel" forces, LURD and MODEL. We are providing logistics and backup while they are forced to clean up their own mess. How else can they be forced to stop doing this?

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We are not in the Nation building business

exactly, that is why 3000 americans died on 9/11

because the US waged war in afganistan then left the nation to be raped for 20 years.

the desperation eventually reached around the world and came home to roost.

remember this America, no matter how nice your house is, you're only as safe as your worst off neighbor.


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I already brought this up with you! You insist on making these ridiculous assertions, and as has been proven in six separate threads now, you are incapable of backing them up with anything or even being able to defend them.

Now, I suggest you come up with a half-decent argument, or put a stop to your half-baked anti-American drivel.

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We are not in the Nation building business

because the US waged war in afganistan then left the nation to be raped for 20 years.

Are you blind?? Read what you quoted. WE ARE NOT IN THE NATION BUILDING BUSINESS. Why should we even bother to repair a nation after we war with it. Nowhere does any type of international law state that a nation must repair the nation it defeats. Afghanistan chose to defy America. Afghanistan chose to pay. America alone has the exclusive right of deciding whether to repair a nation or not. I think that's pretty clear. As for your statement regarding America's safety. Let anyone challenge America. Face-to-face. Meaning no cowardly acts of terrorism.

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Are you blind?? Read what you quoted. WE ARE NOT IN THE NATION BUILDING BUSINESS. Why should we even bother to repair a nation after we war with it.

hey, if you guys dont want to repair afganistan or iraq, nobody can stop you, but lets not pretend thats not exactly why 9/11 happened in the first place. when you left afganistan in the 80s after funneling weaopns there to osama and his crew you opened the door for the nation to fester and rot. well it did fester, and your old buddy osama took control and attacked the US. so really the US allowed 9/11 to happen 20 years in advance.

dont want to do it again?

thats fine, we will all suffer, but it will be america that suffers most. so when you rebuild iraq, its not helping canadians, or the frence, or germans, its ensuring the safety of americans. 10$ billion spent in 1985 might have saved 100$ billion in 2003.

think about it, if afganistan and iraq fall back into rape and pillaging, who is most at risk? americans.

american companies willl be bombed around the world. american travelers will be kidnapped adn killed. america will need to become a police state to investiage every foreign looking person. americas prosperity is built on its massive trade position in the world. if tghe world goes to hell, americas prosperity will suffer first and most.

thus i cant see any reason why america wouldnt do the right thing, and teh thing most in their interest, adn secure the areas they engage in.

just common sense to me


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no i said america allowed it to happen when they didnt step up to teh plate and try to heal some of the violence they engaged in and profited from.

even Bush knows that, the US says it cant wait for rouge nations to disintegrate into terror nations. what else do you expect if you let nations festion in violence for decades. obviously the violence will spill over and effect us all.

The US might have prevented 9/11 and other terror attacks with the slightest bit of selfless action. maybe not buying oil from corrupt regimes, doing buisiness with violenct tyrants, or arming and supporting secret rebel groups.

because history shows it doest work in modern times.


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