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Trump seeks Jail Time to declare Martyrdom while using it to gain millions.

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Trump in the New York Civil Trial has been constantly goading Judge Merchan To get him to "punish" him by fining him for his multiple Contempt of the Courts gag order so the Judge will then throw him in jail, not to show he's strong and can maintain his showmanship behind bars but to create a new SCAM ...to raise money by going into his usual whine that he's being persecuted, and essentially turn himself into a Martyr  so he can "sell the public , especially his followers, on another money raising fraud."


In fact it's a wonder he hasn't already created a new version if Truth Social and call it Trump the Martyr  fund raising Inc.  Will Trumotesterone do this?  Heck yeah he will, its obvious from his speech and actions.   Yet, in the same format, look back at the Mafia boss Luciana in the case Public v. Luciano ,14 N. E. 2nd 433 (1938), who also directly intimidated witnesses, threatened and intimidated judges and families of same, and was convicted on running a prostitution scam. Luciano also violated gag orders imposed on him, but back then the judges put more meat in their demands for Court Decorum.  Also, though Luciano didn't ..like Trump..think the Court could and would find another solution by tracing ALL avenues found in the depositions of additional crimes committed in furtherance of the crimes for which he was first held for Court, the Court in its search to complete its duty of Due Diligence found such evidence related by a series if " back doors" and through them convicted Luciano on more counts uncovered in the Trial.itself, something that could easily happen to Trump because both he and Luciano thought the District Attorney and the courts were stupid, but the Courts have been around a long time and fought many such battles before, codifying them all in the Law Texts found in the Reporter series for the states which every attorney studies for ideas that might be followed up in for uncovering leads to new crimes being or having been felonies of higher merit than what the original case may have started as.

In this way, Trump if sent to prison or jail, you bet won't go quuetly, nor remain so once he gets there, and as he us finding out, no matter how much money he has, he is Not Above the LawLaw and the District Attorney will have every ear open for Trumps incriminating himself in even stronger felonies if he continues to violate gag orders and get himself sent to where his attorney can't stop him from bragging. 

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