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Britt's SOTU address rebuttal a trainwreck

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widely panned by everyone including Republicans... now it appears she was clearly lying about most things. the horrid sex trafficking story didn't happen in the US, wasn't perpetrated by cartels and happened during the Bush administration (not that matters given it wasn't even in the US).

Sex trafficking survivor slams Britt for inaccurate story in SOTU response

when caught in the lie, Britt does a funny word dance.

Katie Britt offers explanation for sex trafficking story … kind of

in other news, Mace, a rape survivor and victims advocate and who used to hate Trump seems to have come around to loving the rapist after it seems that primary pressure from Trump is not going to go away.

Nancy Mace struggles with question about Trump, E. Jean Carroll case

Judge says E Jean Carroll allegation Trump raped her is ‘substantially true’ in court dismissal


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How Trump Fumbled his Attack on Biden's Age


Donald Trump and the Republicans smelled blood. President Biden had recently been on the defensive about his age. A series of polls released over the weekend heightened Democratic concerns. The Republicans knew the press would treat a misstatement or minor gaffe during Biden’s State of the Union address as a campaign-ending transgression.

Before the speech, MAGA Inc., a Trump-aligned Super PAC, released a brutal ad concerning Biden’s age that questioned whether he would survive a second term.

And just to twist the knife, they ran the ad during Morning Joe, which, like Message Box, is a staple of the President’s media diet.

Republican House members in the room tried to goad Biden into a mistake. Marjorie Taylor Greene, dressed in full MAGA regalia, staked Biden out as he walked to the dais and then tried to interrupt him while he spoke about border security.

None of it worked. Biden delivered a boffo performance, and the media coverage and online conversation have all been about the strength and vigor he demonstrated.

Thursday night demonstrated the folly of Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” strategy. 


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“Parody-Level Terrible”: Even Republicans Are Panning Katie Britt’s Creepy-as-Fvck State of the Union Response


Success is not a word people are using when discussing Katie Britt’s response to Biden, which had a vibe that could be best characterized as “low-budget horror movie,” “Handmaid’s Tale–esque,” or simply “creepy as fck.” In fact, the whole thing was so weird and cringeworthy—from the Alabama lawmaker’s unsettling whispering, to the words “steeped in the blood of patriots,” to the sense one got that after the director yelled “cut,” Britt was going to go threaten a kindergarten teacher for letting her kid read a book about kindness—that even Republicans are panning her response. And they’re not holding back!

“Everyone’s fvcking losing it,” one GOP strategist told the Daily Beast of the response to Britt’s kitchen table rebuttal, which will no doubt be parodied on Saturday Night Live this weekend. “It’s one of our biggest disasters ever.” Said a source close to Donald Trump: “Her performance was the stuff of nightmares.” Speaking to a Business Insider reporter, a Republican Hill staffer opined: “She really thinks she’s killing it. But it’s comical. Like SNL quality.” On X, conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey wrote: “…the delivery was parody-level terrible.” 


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