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Article: Organs are being harvested from people who are still alive

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This detailed article tells how organs are being harvested from people who are still alive in America (and likely Canada).  Doctors are under tremendous pressure to get those organs from people and once the person dies, the organs may be dying as well.  So according to this report, often people are not really dead when they begin taking their organs.  Also the report says they are not given anaesthetic.  There are serious law suits over what is going on.


Organ Donors are Alive when their Organs are Harvested - Auricmedia - Blogman's Wonderland


The “organ donor” is forced to endure the excruciating painful and ongoing chemical treatment in preparation for organ excising.

Literally the “donor” is now an organ warehouse and used for the sole purpose of organ preservation until a compatible recipient can be located.

Donation after circulatory death (DCD) can be performed on neurologically intact donors who do not fulfill neurologic or brain death criteria before circulatory arrest. This commentary focuses on the most controversial donor-related issues anticipated from mandatory implementation of DCD for imminent or cardiac death in #hospitals across the USA.

The truth of the horrific treatment and DEATH OF THE “DONOR”

Organ removal is performed while the patient is given only a paralyzing agent but no anesthetic!"


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There are many authoritarian or Commie-minded people in Canada who think nobody has a right to their own organs and that the state should be able to do whatever they wish with anyone.  That is why the Nova Scotia liberal government brought in a law that made everyone in the province an organ donor unless an individual registers to not be a donor.  If you go into an ER someday in Nova Scotia, just be aware of this and if the bureaucracy conveniently loses your registration declining to be a donor, you may be harvested for your organs.   If you are just visiting the province, and therefore not registered to not be a donor, I am not sure what could happen if you were in a car accident or suddenly went into a hospital for some reason, especially if you are unconscious.

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