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2nd Amendment - Interpretation


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On 12/14/2022 at 9:47 PM, Aristides said:

Back in the day (when I was a kid) the St. Valentines Day Massacre was notorious. Seven gangsters got lined up and shot. Now 20+ school kids get shot in their classrooms and it is just the price of freedom. That is how low the US has sunk.

How is school kids getting shot up in a classroom the price of freedom? How is that even REMOTELY anything but a despicable LIE?

Are you suggesting the Second Amendment didn't exist at the time of the  St. Valentine's Day Massacre?

People do not decide to shoot up a school, a town square, a Walmart just to show their support of the Second Amendment. These are animals who consciously decided to take large numbers of human lives. And there is only one way to handle these animals.

I agree the US has sunk pretty low, but because I have an education and a superior mind to every liberal here I'm not going to blame the United States Constitution for that sink.

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