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As often it likes to make in particular the amalgam between a troll and a cybercriminal (example with Jessi Slaughter that the troll but in a sense cybercriminal with very real consequences for her) I make a topic in connection with the cybercrime.

First on the French-speaking net it warns of the danger on two techniques frequently used by the cybercriminals :

1) phishing :

Phishing is a very common online malicious technique. The objective: to impersonate someone in order to obtain personal information and banking identifiers for criminal use.

a) The cybercriminal disguises himself as a trusted third party (banks, administrations, access providers...) and sends a fraudulent message, or one containing a booby-trapped attachment, to a large list of contacts. The message invites the recipients to update their personal (and often banking) information on a falsified site to which they are redirected.
b) The list includes a large number of contacts and increases the chances that one of the recipients will feel targeted by the message.
c) With one click, they are redirected to the fake site which will collect all the information they provide.
d) This information is then made available to the cybercriminal who only has to make use of the identifiers, passwords or banking data recovered.

2) ransomware :

Ransomware is a malicious computer program that is becoming more and more widespread. The objective: to encrypt data and then ask the owner to send money in exchange for the key to decrypt it.

a) The cybercriminal spreads a message that contains attachments and/or booby-trapped links. The body of the message contains a well-written message, sometimes in French, which asks to pay a bill quickly, for example.    
b) With one click, the software is downloaded on the computer and starts encrypting personal data: office documents (.doc, .xls, .odf...etc), photos, music, videos...etc.
c) Once the files have become inaccessible, a message is displayed asking for a ransom to be paid in "bitcoin" or via a prepaid card in exchange for the decryption key. Beware, nothing indicates that the decryptor in question is effective!




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How can we do the difference between a troll and a cybercriminal ? Simple, we make the distinction thanks to the criterion of the offences of the law because troll or not an individual remains responsible for his acts and his words.

As an example I will take a fictional character who is always confused with troll namely the Joker. When we say it's a troll it also means it's not serious, it's a joke and the Joker has a name to say that he is a joker. But the fact that he kills, commits crimes with a smile or in jest does not eliminate his criminal acts, so that despite appearances he is not so much a joker as a criminal.

Now we say cybercriminal to talk about a criminel who makes crimes on the net.

( cyberdelinquent is put with cybercriminal a bit like fake news is put with false news )



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