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A real crap.

In the subway I saw an Instagram advertissement, there are famous people who go there or have gone there which makes more advertissements, I came across an advertisement in a Youtube video today that offers to sell things on Instagram.

Instagram is not a social networking famous like 4Chan where there is a blinking sign warning that you are in a troll box where all cybercriminals are welcome. Instagram is the world of illusion, the tyranny of cool. 

Glad to know that I won't be part of the badgers who fell into this shit.

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In a French-speaking Youtube video called  " Les dérives d'INSTAGRAM (Arnaques etc..) " posted by LE ROI DES RATS we have an individual who tried instagram pretending to be a 13 year old girl (because since there is public advertissement and stars who go on instagram, parents believe that it is a social network of relative danger and maybe it is a good idea to send their kids on instagram).  

It's a social network that scams (it makes fakes, makes you believe that you can win a lot of money easily if you join the scheme, etc., only to have your money stolen), there is conterfeith, There are false advertisements to charge for things that will never reach the buyer. 

All this can be enough to not have the foolishness to go on instagram except that it goes further than that since an incalculable number of pedophiles go instagram to catch kids. 

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