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Starting a new post on redundant topic.


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Tawasakm seems to like following me around and posting on how I redo posts that are already there, well, here is my logic (keep in mind these are 2 posts).

The cut off date of 30 days is there for a reason I think and therefore I have decided to limit the two topics I have posted to searches involving those dates.

This is because:

a ) I desire to start the discussion without having it co-incide with past discussion that has been posted by could-be "innactive" people.

b ) It is a lot more benificial to new members like myself to start a fresh debate if the debate is dated and interest has not been shown in the direction it went previously.

But, I totally understand Tawasakm's comments and would leave it up to the admins to decide whether or not the pages I have posted are redundant and ask that Tawasakm kindly refrains from putting a damper on any form of discussion that may occur.

I instead ask that he takes his problems with the posts to the admins seeing as there is nothing I can do about posts already put up.

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Bear in mind also, Grantler, that I may not object to you starting new threads on existing topics but I do object if you do it without incorporating existing debate. While it may be fresh and new for you on this forum it may not be fresh and new for the regular posters - rather it may be an exercise in repetition.

I would suggest that a good approach would be to read through everything existing before starting a new topic on it. Then you could say I have read back through this forum regarding <insert subject> and I see you have covered a, b, c and d. However I do not believe you covered e, also b and d were incomplete for this reason.

This way you are acknowledging what has gone before and still making your fresh start. You are also ensuring that you are not asking regular posters to repeat themselves and therefore doing everything you can to increase your pool of respondents.

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