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What is homosexuality, a scientific fact or a perversion ?


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It seems to me there is a distinction between what people 'are' and what they do.    Boys in English public schools very often had their first sexual experience with other boys, teachers or parsons.   Are sailors or blokes in jail so heavily homosexual?     The current fashion is always to set up categories to belong to.    I don't doubt that some people are firmly fixed in one  way of behaving, and the best thing is to accept what, at the moment, they 'are', but it seems a huge fuss about nothing very much.

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Another evidence for homosexuality of being a perversion.

Christian clerics show a tendency to sodomy.  Source: https://www.catholiceducation.org/en/controversy/common-misconceptions/vatican-sets-record-straight-on-sexual-abuse.html

Because they live in an environment away from women and they start to show behavior disorders.

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