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  2. Do not do what we have done in the US. We incarcerate rather than deal with social issues. 5% of the world's population, 25% of the world's incarcerated population. And we've turned it into a for profit business with stocks traded on Wall Street and convict labor leasing to corporations. It's all just slavery/sharecropping revisited, and the pilot program oddly enough was conducted in the state of TN; a confederate state.
  3. You say that prison infringes on a person's freedom. And you propose to execute them. First, that's not humane. Secondly, it violates their freedom, which you so advocate. Because everyone has the right to life. That's why they put them in prison. And there is no such thing as complete freedom, because there will be chaos. Of course there are exceptions where they put your friends in prison. But there is adc inmate lookup. Where you can find out where they're sitting. Better than not knowing about anything. And the only thing that can save the innocent is public outcry.
  4. Me no worry Turkeys gay because... https://academic.oup.com/beheco/article/18/1/21/209396 http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/08/23/scientists-form-general-theory-of-bird-homosexuality/ You come take bath in Turkey ...is good for you.... https://www.travelgay.com/istanbul-saunas/
  5. Sexual orientation is every individual`s choice that is formed due to different reasons. Also, homosexuals have equal rights with heterosexuals at the legal level. No one can tell us whom we should love. We live in a free world, at least for love things
  6. Another evidence for homosexuality of being a perversion. Christian clerics show a tendency to sodomy. Source: https://www.catholiceducation.org/en/controversy/common-misconceptions/vatican-sets-record-straight-on-sexual-abuse.html Because they live in an environment away from women and they start to show behavior disorders.
  7. It seems to me there is a distinction between what people 'are' and what they do. Boys in English public schools very often had their first sexual experience with other boys, teachers or parsons. Are sailors or blokes in jail so heavily homosexual? The current fashion is always to set up categories to belong to. I don't doubt that some people are firmly fixed in one way of behaving, and the best thing is to accept what, at the moment, they 'are', but it seems a huge fuss about nothing very much.
  8. About 400.000 so-called scientists publish their so-called scientific articles on so-called science magazines. I am sure there are many "scientific" explanation of homosexuality within them https://ing.dk/artikel/fake-science-tidsskrifter-praemierer-rene-volapyk-213483
  9. Here another perfect evidence that being homo is a pervert choice and behavior disorder. Trans guy try to rape four women in prison, so he is interested with women. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6804433/transgender-lag-sexually-abused-four-female-prisoners-days-after-arriving-at-west-yorkshire-jail/
  10. You are trying to distort issue with irrelevant examples. People may have different voice tones, it has nothing with emulating or being a female. A treble and soft voice tones may turn to sexual deviances. So these males with soft voice tones may be oppressed in various ways in other males and therefore they may end up with deviant ideas in their minds.
  11. So if someone has a feminine voice, they are just faking?
  12. Ofcourse it is. Its a perfect tool to interpret gestures. So the claim was they behave such based on fake genetic stories or fake hormonal influence of the brain during fetal times. I also give evidences that these stories are fake. So lets accept it as being true for a minute, how come these guys having feminine moves that originates because of the physical structure of a female body ? They cant have, they are just imitating.
  13. I gave evidences and logical conclusions in above posts. You just dont want to recognize it.
  14. I love how you want scientific evidence in "your" thread but you come up with insane theories like this.
  15. They just do not reflect their pervert ideas with their moves. I think they are usually the ones attracted to males as dominant side of their perverse relationship. So they still like to be a male but they want to have sex with other males that imitate females.
  16. So your anecdotal video is a blanket assessment of all people that like the same gender? What about people who are attracted to the same gender that don't act like the video you present. And what of heterosexual males who are somewhat effeminate?
  17. I gave you an evidence. You can watch many other homo videos. Read the OP again or I will delete your agressive and disrepectful posts. Homo males are playing a girl role. They have a male body but they are pretending like they actually have a female body. This is a perfect evidence. They are trying to imitate congenital moves of a female body. So they just emulate females.
  18. You are attracted to woman because you should be attrached to women. Your brain, your body is developed in this way. If you force yourself to be attracted to horses, you will achieve that, you will divert your feeling from normal to abnormal. This is your choice, you choose to act contrary to your nature.
  19. You can watch videos of gay priders, most of these guys playing a role by pretending like they are coquettish females. They are just playing a girl role with their male body. These perverts only think that being a female is to reveal ass, reveal legs, tits, shaking ass, duckling lips, whispering sexy words, kissing anyone around. This is because of they are only focused on "sex" part of being a female. Just look at these weird creatures in the video, they are disgusting
  20. Mentally ill teen jailed for 4 years without even a trial. Source: http://bbc.in/2DwnJAb
  21. There is no way for them not to feel a desire to procreate and love as appropriate to the nature. Their body and brain developed in this way. This is a behavior disorder. So at worst these guys had a traumatic period in their life and this caused them to act against their nature. Its like a sheep raised by a dog and sheep starts to act like dogs. These guys just do not want to act as appropriate to the nature, they are OK with their perverted actions, most of these guys are just interested with having sex. Most of them choose to be prostitutes.
  22. What about anyone's sexual preferences is logical? The drive to procreate could be considered logical and instinctual but many hetrosexual people don't desire to procreate and conversely there are many homosexual couples that raise children.
  23. Yeah this is the point. So it is a preference, its a choice and this choice is considered abnormal based on bodily and emotionally properties of men and women. Ofcourse its not scientific too, because its illogical. This is why pro homo people cannot back up their claims with any scientific argument.
  24. Because sexual preference can't be scientifically defined. Only people who are making moral arguments are saying that they're a perversion. Even the term perversion which you use in the OP is a moral judgement, not a scientific one. per·ver·sion pərˈvərZHən/ noun 1. the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. "all great evil is the perversion of a good" synonyms: distortion, misrepresentation, falsification, travesty, misinterpretation, misconstruction,twisting, corruption, subversion, misuse, misapplication, debasement "a twisted perversion of the truth" 2. sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable. synonyms: deviance, abnormality; More
  25. Some posters distorts what I say and they mis-quote the part where I said "Homo people are perfectly normal in general with some behavior disorders" in above post and they choose the cherry they like and they only prefer to see the part "Homo people are perfectly normal". Behavior disorder and mental disorder is complately different things. A little baby sucking his/her thumb is not mentally disordered, he just have a behavior disorder or some wealthy people who steals somethings in the shopping centers are not metally disordered, they have a behavior disorder.
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