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The Free Votes In Congresses Make The Super Power Of USA


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The Free Votes In Congresses Make The Super Power Of USA​

By Exegesisme

"In the United States, parties exercise comparatively little control over the votes of individual legislators, who are almost always free to vote as they wish. Accordingly, most legislative votes in the United States can be considered free votes, although in rare circumstances a legislator may be disciplined by his or her party for a renegade vote. Such discipline usually occurs only on votes regarding procedural matters on which party unity is expected as a matter of course, rather than substantive matters. For example, Democrat James Traficant was stripped of his seniority and committee assignments in 2001 when he voted for a Republican, Dennis Hastert, to be Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Because free votes are the norm in the United States, the terms "free vote" and "conscience vote" are generally unused and unknown there."(1)

In the congresses of USA, the legislators can more freely to vote to represent their constituents and states over their own parties, the well representative function makes the well legislative function, then the benefits of the constituents and states are well represented in the legislation over the benefits of their own parties. This practice along has been making the strength of USA over all other western democratic nations, for the passion of the people are more encouraged in the practice to develop their own benefits which in turn make the super power of USA, and still in turn the powers of the parties in USA are increasing in the super power of USA. Here, I see a good model of much less party-discipline making more party-power in a large cycle in long run as in USA, over a evil model of much strict party-discipline making the extreme power in a small cycle in short run as in China, and a neutral model in Canada is just the middle between them.


(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscience_vote

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