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So is walking your girlfriend on a leash degrading them?


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Guest American Woman


Yep. And here's a tip. No matter how many times you claim otherwise, it's not going to change the reality.

When I was younger, I made great sport of having my little sister beg for cookies on occasion. And I do mean beg, on her knees, holding her hands up like a dog, and barking. She didn't care. She was probably, oh, six or so. And I certainly didn't think of it as sexual, given I was probably nine. No harm came to either of us, though I did get wacked in the side of the head when my mom saw me do it once. Anyway, neither of us was traumatized for life, and my sister turned out to be something less than submissive, I assure you.

Of course no harm came to her - you weren't trying to buckle anything around her neck or trying to yank her around by anything attached to her neck. Furthermore, your forcing her to beg wasn't condoned/accepted by the adults in her life. That taught her that the behavior was wrong. The fact that your mom whacked the side of your head over it is actually reinforcing my viewpoint.

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Guest American Woman

Playing a role is playing a role. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Evidently not. One is playing the role of a different person on a controlled movie set and getting paid for it while being protected by labor laws - the other is living her real life.

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5 minutes ago, Bigbootyj14 said:

I would love this.  Being walked on a leash is awesome!!  It shows he has control.  Its not for everyone.  

I would love to know just what the hell kind of a search you did to find a six year old topic like this to resurrect...

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