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Bush criticizing Castro


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"TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - President Bush (news - web sites) accused Cuba's Fidel Castro (news - web sites) on Friday of welcoming sex tourism and contributing to a global problem of human trafficking, as he courted Cuban-American voters in Florida"

Yahoo ; Reuters Caren Bohan


Bush criticizes Castro over comments that Cuba's prostitutes are the healthiest. Suggests that is promoting tourism in the sex trade.

Bush must have forgotten Navada where prostitution is legal and tourism is promoted regarding legal prostitution where the ladies are promoted as having all the necessary health checks. Who has never heard of the Mustang Ranch. I believe that the government even owned it for a while.

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The USA has given more humanitarian aid to Cuba than all the other nations of the world combined. It also freely trades medicines and medical supplies to Cuba.

Castro, on the other hand, is a ruthless butcher who has murdered over 140,000 of his own people and continues to run a regime where intellectuals, dissidents and even children are jailed and tortured for criticism - or suspected criticism - of his regime.

The USA has passed an act on Cuba that basically puts forward a plan for fostering Cuban democracy and attempts to help the Cuban people with humanitarian aid while working to topple Castro's evil regime.

The sad fact is that money for Cuba goes to Castro. Cubans are not allowed to work for foreign companies, they instead work for the Cuban government. The government takes their paychecks from the foreigners, keeps a huge portion of it and gives the workers a pittance. It also deliberately maintains a dual-currency system, reserving dollars for friends of the Party and forcing the people to trade in worthless Pesos which barely buy the necessities of life. The average Cuban gets allocated one bar of soap every two months and food rations amount to a starvation diet. Communist party officials, however, can trade their dollars for as much food, soap and healthcare as they want in separate stores and hospitals that are forbidden to ordinary citizens.

Castro's spending priorities are clear. Since the fall of the USSR he has shrunk healthcare and social programmes and expanded military and security spending. Therefore, when you trade with Cuba you are helping put innocent Cuban citizens in torture chambers and dungeons. I applaud the USA for taking a stand and refusing to do that. It's a shame more nations don't. So far only Israel has followed suit.

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