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What is your MP doing?


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How can you understand where Gallant was coming from?

Newfoundland and Labrador ended up with some great MPs. 4 out of our 6 Liberal MPs are critics in the official opposition shadow cabinet.

St. John's really lucked out with Siobhan Coady and Jack Harris(who is mine). Both of them are some of the highest-profile members of their caucuses and have been excellent in the House. Siobhan Coady is particular does a lot in her riding, she has town halls at least once a month and is usually acompanied by another Liberal critic.

I like Siobhan Coady...

I particularily liked the way she stood her ground against Bully Boy Baird last spring in committee....

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I like Siobhan Coady...

I particularily liked the way she stood her ground against Bully Boy Baird last spring in committee....


Just so people like me who didn't know her can get to know her... Good people should get supported... :)

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Typical lefty answer, throw the dead in your face ,that is what she meant, now get over it. And why should the coast guard put themselves in danger for people that are not properly prepared to go out on a ocean or any body of water? How much time and money is wasted on idiots.

Coast Guard service is a federal responsibility, how do you know any money is wasted on people not being "properly prepared", accidents happen even when you're prepared. The fact is it takes over 2 hours for coast guard to respond in Canada while it takes 15 minutes in other countries. There's obviously no sense saying anything to you because you obviously have your mind made up like Gallant.

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Which one?

One is a Liberal , and have no issues with him.

The other is..... :blink: ....Tony "I saved a drowning girl" Clement.

So, Clement is probably eating ice cream or displaying his very thin skin with another letter to the editor chastising his constituents.

I doubt Tony gets back in, and recall, he spent $60M in his riding for the G20...and we alol benefitted.Maybe just not Tony.

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