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Wildrose Alliance vies for second place

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That may be true, but after a couple of decades of listening to Albertans toot their own horns about their government's supergreat financial prowess, I'd like to think somewhere in that great province someone is thinking "Maybe it wasn't politicians, maybe it was oil prices..."

you would think that would eventually occur to them ...but no...you have to live here to fully grasp how politically naive albertans are...

the wealth of the province has nothing to do with the government in charge, it's all oil...alberta is wealthy in spite of the politicians....whenever the price drops is when we see how in incompetent the governments are, they have no clue what went wrong...and now Trudeau is dead and we have a Conservative Federal government they don't know who to blame, it never occurs to albertans that maybe conservatives are crap at finance...the reality is when prices are high a dozen monkeys throwing a darts at a to-do list could do as well...

and now there's the Wildrose party...geez these people are even dumber, the leader is on record as wanting to get rid of Medicare and bringing in private care, the deliberate sabotage/undermining of our healthcare will continue as usual...

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Even Albertans support universal healthcare. I think it might be a sticking point for Wildrose when it all comes down to it.

absolutely we support healthcare...but that demonstrates how naive albertans are that they would even consider giving this new party of lunatics power...
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Harper will be remembered in Alberta, but not as fondly as many would believe. He and his party gave up on the belief base that put them in Ottawa, and as has been said over and over again, he remains in power because there is no one else to vote for. In my opinion, he would NEVER be elected as premier of this province because there are too many of us that think of him as a turncoat.

A person who is elected PM of Canada has different fiduciary duties than someone who is Premier of a province. A PM who serves as the "Prime Minister of their Province" while PM of Canada is derelict in their duties. Examples are Trudeau and Mulroney.

He'll do well on the lecture circuit, but all ex-PM's do.

Has Kim Campbell and John Turner done well on the lecture circuit? Joe Who?
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Then we go and elect a too-far liberal left wing Idiot named Eddie (the most excellent

You may have elected an idiot, but he is a Right wing idiot from Centre Right party.

And your complaints include him cutting "left wing" programs. Those same complaints taken up by the Liberals, New Democrats and Wildrose.

That being said, look at what Eddie the Idiot has done to this province. Screwed up the oilpatch, cut funding for the handicapped, cutting funding for education, the "health superboard", etc, etc.

Essentially he has proven to be fiscally incompetent of which there were plenty of allegations of PC fiscal incompetence hidden by a strong economy which masked their poor decision making.

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Has Kim Campbell and John Turner done well on the lecture circuit? Joe Who?

Kim Campbell yes.

John Turner, I don't believe he bothered, but he had other fun engagements. He was a person of priviledge and I am certain that if he wanted to do the lecture circuit he would be there.

Joe Who.. WHO? :P

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