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Abu Ghraib, Carlson and Friedman: The Changing War

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Abu Ghraib, Carlson and Friedman: The Changing War Tides

May 13 2004


Robert Furs

What a horrible week it has been for the Bush administration's war effort.

If this past week could be materialized as a human being, FOX News and every Republican would be labeling him an "anti-American traitor".

Continue: http://www.counterbias.com/031.html

(good analysis--by me--of how the American opinion is turning against the Occupation of Iraq..)

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The images and the brutality are certainly depressing and horrible, but what is the are the benchmarks of success for fighting a large scale war in these times ? And are they realistic ?

The public debate, such as it is, seems to be able to turn on a single death if that death happens to be caught on videotape, or if an American is involved etc.

Many have been killed in Iraq, and many more will be killed but that is to be expected in a military action on this scale. There were almost 17 THOUSAND soldiers killed in Vietnam in 1968 - the worst year of fighting. The current situation is obviously much better, but the coverage would make it seem much worse.

It seems that fighting war is no longer politically sustainable for a public that can be swayed by a single graphic image of attrocity. I'm generally a pacifist, but I find myself finding odd comfort in the fact that this new attitudes are based largely in the public's irrationality.

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