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Wonderful news from Nigeria!


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Just received this; thought I'd share this wonderful news with all my friends here at MLW!

Good Day Beneficiary,

After several attempts to reach you, I deemed it necessary and urgent to contact you with your email address and to notify you finally about your outstanding end of year settlement/compensation which is being given out by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

This compensation is being made to all of you who have lost your money through any online transactions this year or as a result of any internet fraudulent activities that you might have previousley being involved.

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, is the United Nations agency for human settlements. It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote humanly, socially and environmentally with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.

As a result of the much fraudulent activities spreading over the internet, the Organizing Committee of the UN-HABITAT have decided to get details of most of the victims who were previously scammed by some internet fraudsters. The main purpose of this Programme is to compensate every one of you with a check sum of $500,000.00 each, to help settle all your debts and start a new business.

The Financial Commitee of the UN-HABITAT Programme have deposited your Settlement Check sum of $500,000.00 USD to that the United Parcel Service of Nigeria (UPS), for them to facilitate the delivery to you prior to your contact with them.

Your Settlement Check Parcel was deposited and registered with Reference Number UN013-0156/UPS-UN-HABITAT.

You are to contact the United Parcel Service of Nigeria (UPS), with your Reference Number, Full Name, Resident Address, and your Mobile Telephone Number, to enable them further the delivery/shipment of your settlement check to you.

Note that we have not paid the shipment fee for the delivery/shipment of your check to you. you are hereby advise to contact the United Parcel Service of Nigeria to book your settlement check shipment arrangements.


United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD

Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street

Area Eleven Garki



Tel: +234-702-524-3160


Feel free to share your own stories of amazing good fortune!


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Interesting. I received a setlement announcement of about $750K

I wonder how they decided I should get that much?

Bet the shipping fee is more than a thousand bucks. Too rich for my blood - I suppose I will have to let the money go back to the group - so others can benefit.

Do not spend it all in one place Kimmy.



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It was just like a scene in an intrigue film

and I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t for real.

This isn’t intended for me, I don’t think.

It’s a missive from the edge of despair, I mean brink

of total desperation; the communication therein

says her hopes for survival are slim

and she’s writing to the Front, though we’ve yet to meet,

with a confidential matter ‘cause she’s heard I’m discreet.

And the urgency of her request for my aid

is matched by the depth of the trust she displayed.

“Don’t betray me like our oil minister did (staged a coup).

And I’m about to flee Nigeria soon

but I’ll never make it out,” she says, with twenty million

three hundred twenty thousand US dollars that are still in

her possession. She embezzled them, I guess.

Look, I don’t really know her so uh... that’s none of my business.

She’s the LADY MARYAM ABACHA, deposed.

These days, can’t even get her caps-lock key unfroze.

But yo, something about a widow in distress

(with 20 million dollars hidden in a metal chest)

softened up the Frontalot’s heart, no doubt,

so I hit the reply button, tell her I can help her out.

Download the MP3 from his website. It's free!

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