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Obvious, in any market, the key info is to know what your competitors are doing.

Don't go looking here, OIC, for some nefarious US government conspiracy. The US federal government provides more data through the internet than any other government I know of. (Even you referred to NSC minutes available.)

Why? I see no conspiracy at all. Rather 1) I suspect because Americans at present are more comfortable with the Internet than anyone else and 2) A server with data is a fixed cost spread out across millions of rich taxpayers.

Conclusion? The Americans benefit because they know more about their world.

BTW, the Canadian government sells data - unless you belong to an instititution with an agreement.

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One thing I'm confused about in your last post is you keep saying knowledge is beneficial. But my point was that oil data is not available, meaning not everyone can 'benefit' from the knowledge of oil data...and why oil specifically? Why isnt, I dont know, mineral data, fresh water, etc. exempt from disclosure? I'm not suggesting they should be however.

Also, I didn't mean for my question to hint at a "conspiracy"...more that there are subtle laws designed to benefit a select few, instead of what should commonly occur (according to the general assumptions of the public *in my interpretation*) - to benefit the majority.

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