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Logs Indicate Several Aides Talked To Novak

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Logs indicate several aides talked to Novak

Bush Aides Testify in Leak Probe

Grand Jury Called McClellan, 2 Others


'The logs indicate that several White House officials talked to columnist Robert D. Novak shortly before July 14, when he published a column quoting "two senior administration officials" saying that Plame, "an agency operative on weapons of mass destruction," had suggested her husband for a mission to Niger to investigate whether Iraq tried to acquire uranium there as part of an effort to develop nuclear weapons.'


'At first, the investigation seemed narrowly focused on trying to identify who at the White House provided the information about Ms. Plame to Mr. Novak. But more recently, prosecutors have focused on a Sept. 28, 2003, article in The Washington Post, which said the newspaper had been told that "yesterday, a senior administration official said that before Novak's column ran, two top White House officials called at least six Washington journalists and disclosed the identity and occupation of Wilson's wife."'

This is an extremely serious issue as a CIA operative was "outed" in the process.

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Another Press source (which escapes me, at the moment) has identified the two who spoke to Novak as members of Vice President Cheney's staff.

This entire matter has the substance of a political mud fight and it's highly unlikely that criminal charges could or will be brought against anyone.

(1) For charges to be brought, it must be proven that those who made the disclosure knew of her undercover status, i.e.,

    The Intelligence Identities Protection Act makes it a felony to disclose a covert agent's identity if the person making the disclosure knew the covert status of the employee and revealed it intentionally. 

(2) People who work openly at the CIA do not normally have "covert" status.

It seems clear that at one time, Ms. Palme did have covert status but after delivery of her child and a DX of Post Partum Depression, she was given an inside assignment. Which raises the question, should she have continued to be classified as "Covert" or was there an administrative error which left her in this status?

All in all, this appears to be a very large mountain from a very small anthill. Given the nature of the accusations made, the White House had little choice but to treat this as a potential serious intelligence breach. They are well aware of the "Nixon" Rule - it's a cover up that kills you!

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what strikes me is the hypocrisy of the rhetoric of patriotism and sacrifice while the people behind it gladly conspire to sabotage a reportedly real life asset to security.

just imagine what happens in these insane African nations...its cutthroat

you would think the notion of common intersts would prevail.

with friends like these...

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