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  1. I don't want to dissagree with you,there are several ways the President can be removed. He can be impeached, High Crimes and Treason. I can't name the source but I can tell you the judges and where.Bush's case will be presided over by the Honorable Judge Dorr in Springfield,Mo. Ashcroft's case will be presided over in Kansas City, Mo. by the Honorable Judge Hays. Cheney's was also in Kansas City,Mo. by the Honorable Judge Knots.
  2. I have from a reliable source that Bush Administration days are numbered. A criminal complaint was filed Feb.27 against three members of the Administration. Bush,Ashcroft and Cheney were charged with criminal misconduct. The judges in these cases are to issue their rulings soon.
  3. Listen Bush can't debate Kerry because Bush has been busted for misleading,misconduct,preaching about war while cutting Vet.benefits,promoting out-soucing while refusing to extending unemployment benefits,telling the Judicial Branch that they have no rights to do their duty when the Constitution gives them that right,purposing an admendment to the Constitution against gay marriage,not enforcing the laws on Corp. CEO's for misconduct. I really don't see much to debate about.
  4. What republicans don't understand is when it comes to pink slips. They don't ask what political party you belong to. They don't care if you are a christian or not. There's no such thing as job security under this administration,you can always get a job at Mcdonalds.
  5. No Malfeasance is a crime and the Administration should be arrested for their crimes. They have proved the Administration is threat to National Security,this is why they are having a Grand Jury investigation. The indictments should follow these hearings.Novak should be indicted also.
  6. First you need a job to pay taxes,you can work anywhere for nothing. It doesn't pay the bills or feed the family. What's next a One World Order like Dad was trying to get.
  7. Bushs enlistment is like his policy on no child left behind. He just forgot to show for his duties.He left the kids on the curb. He sure uses the National Guard to fight wars today. The Guard is suppose to be the last line of defense against an outside threat. Not the main force of an invading army. No wander the men laugh when asked to re up. Hell they haven't been home in 2yrs. This was suppose to be a part- time job.
  8. Yeh the first thing Congress should eliminate is Greenspan.They hold our money without paying interest.The Federal Reserve wants this country to run a deficit so they can charge us interest. The Republicans have use the Social Security Funds for years now. So now they want people to invest in the Stock Market, so they can pull another Enron on you.CEO of corporations are stealing from stockholders with their salaries and bonusses,they screwed the workers with outsourcing.They need new victims to ripp off before they get caught stealing. Just ask Ken Lay.
  9. I really don't understand the Mr. Bush. He went to college to learn what? All he has shown this country is,how to rob Peter to pay Paul. That doesn't take a degree,it takes nerves to deceive the people of this country. He won't get away with this. Don't p--- down my back and tell me it's raining.
  10. Listen I'm no Michael Moore. When the government locks up citizens and denies them their day in court. They are violating the very basis of the Constitution,which states no person shall be denied freedom,liberty and ect. without due process. The very fabric of this country is being violated by this Administration. They are guilty of High Crimes,the Constitution is the law of the land. Anyone tampering with it is guilty of Malfeasance and High Crimes. I'm not a member of any political party,just want equal justice for everyone. At least for citizens of this country anyway. You or I could be next.
  11. The Bush Administration has angered the silent Majority with their acts of misconduct. People know when their rights have been violated.The Constitution is the highest law of the country. This Administration has manipulated the Constitution to fit their crimes. The Majority of people know these crimes have been committed and they are angry about it. No one person is above the Law in this country,the Constitution is the highest law in this country. Anyone tampering with it is guilty of High Crimes.
  12. If Bush and Ashcroft would enforce the laws of the country. This theory of out soucing is nothing more than a clear violation of Federal Labor Laws.If a Corp. trades on the New York Stock Exchange ,they are a publicly held company. Malfeasance also applies to them. They should be arrested and their assets seized,for profitting from their crimes. This one reason I say Bush and Ashcroft are guilty of Malfeasance themselves.
  13. If they were shot during the curfew hours it's probably a justifiable shooting.Most enlistment men don't look forward to killing anyway. Killing takes the youth out of young men,makes them harden to life.
  14. What's next are we going to give illegal drug smugglers a work permit so we don't have to retrain them.
  15. Bush violated his oath at least 3 times when he addressed the nation. giving work permits to illegal immigrants,telling the Judiciary they have no right to review laws that congress passes.The Constitution gives the Judiciary that right.The marriage B.S. there no benefit to marriage other than it pleases the church. You can't get medicare ifyou're married,no SSI if married.So remind me again why a person needs to marry. Oh yeh the Bush administration is guilty of Malfeasance for violating his oath of office.
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