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Let's Really Talk About Jobs Under Bush!


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Under the Bush Administration, approximately 3 million jobs were lost...3 million!

If the Economy is now turning for the better, it sure isn't indicated in the job market, where the true importance lies. You go and tell those 3 million people that the economy is doing better.

In order for Bush to get back the jobs lost under his clock, he would need to create 272,727 jobs a month until his 1st and last term was over. Do you know that last month there were approximately 1,500 jobs created, that's a far cry from where we need to be.

You can sugarcoat the economy all you want if you choose to be deceptive!

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And where did YOU get YOUR numbers ?


NR Article

Some background info in this article that admits that there has been a net loss of jobs under GWB.

But some of this is owing to natural cycles in the economy. Some of it is due to the internet bust. Some of it is due to manufacturing jobs which are going away permanently - and both Dems and Repubs can take credit for this as it's part of the export of these jobs that goes with globalization.

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Do the math, divide 3,000,000 by 11 months...

Yeah, you can make all of the excuses on natural economic cycles, 9-11, blah-blah-blah...

Fact of the matter is, there's 3 million jobs lost since he's taken office. Lies and deception in the last State of The Union Address on weapons and "intelligence" and now you expect anyone to believe him any further. You don't get much of chance at rebuilding credibility once it is lost!

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Under the Bush Administration, approximately 3 million jobs were lost...3 million!

Thousands of new fields are being opened every year. Private enterprise has taken over larger companies, this is a product of freedom. Unemployement equals opportunity in many cases. Automation means less people toiling, more people need to service the toilers for entertainment, recreation and travel. Maybe Michael Moore is giveing away free books to entertain the unemployed as a gesture of goodwill?

If you only do one thing then you can only work in one place. Better find that place or guess what? You are going to be unemployed! Do two things then you are twice as likely not to be unemplyed. Work for less and know how to do five things then guess what? A whole beautiful worllld opens up. One in which you can work anywhere, for anybody at anytime. MAybe find a job you really enjoy.

I know that in 31 years of work I've only been unemployed twice and both times out of choice. I've always found a job, good paying unskilled job. Mind you, I've travelled, taken hard jobs, jobs where the weather was cold or hot but I've always worked when I wanted.

I guess that for one who wants to stay with his or her family that employment is tough. The market for stay at home Nuclear Phyisists is slim but hey, nobody said this world was fair.

To be fair though, every place I go to in the States they are looking for help. I guess a lot of those three million people don't like to travel. If that's the case, guess they don't really want to work either. I know I worked in the oil fields for two years. Fed the family pretty good but I sacrificed a lot.

BTW Boo Hoo

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KK, i agree, and there is little support for the 3 million jobs lost number. Other posts have given good sources on the 2 million jobs CREATED. In any event some facts that the leftists ignore:

1. US GDP is climbing ahead at 5 % on average for 2003 and probably higher in 2004. Canada is less than 2 %.

An economy needs 3 % + growth to generate jobs. Obviously the US will generate even more payroll jobs to satisfy the leftists during 2004 and 5.

2. Productivity is roaring in the US and dead in Canada. This means higher profits and more importantly higher capital investments and higher wages for existing workers. 9 % prod. growth in the US is the highest on record and job growth lags this indicator historically by 1-2 years.

3. Free trade. No one wins under protectionism. Steel tariffs in the US were a waste of time, costed according to some economists far more jobs and money then they protected, and they don't force needed business restructuring. As well they force up the costs of housing and other downstream steel industries. Idiocy. If there is a problem with Bush it has been his penchant to buy votes by using 'selective' trade protectionism. Lose this itchy finger George.

4. Mobility. Capital and labor are more fluid in the States than the EU. They are pretty fluid in Canada too outside Quebec which is a positive. You don't want over regulation, over taxation, and internal barriers. Having said that, one reason the US is wealthier is that it has less internal barriers than Canada. More trade goes between NYC and Chicago daily, then between Can and the US. Canada needs to have internal free trade, this will help create more wealth and more capital/investment mobility.

Greenspan just supported all of the above with a speech yesterday:

Mr. Greenspan's speech brought together several recurring themes from his speeches and testimony of recent years: that deregulation, financial innovation and flexible labor markets have made the U.S. better able to withstand economic shocks, and protectionism would hurt the U.S. by interfering with that flexibility.

The Democrats vying for the U.S. presidential nomination this year have tapped rising job insecurity, especially among the middle- and lower-income groups, to attack President Bush's economic record.

Wages of workers just inside the 10% lowest-paid rose only 0.2% a year after inflation in the past three years, compared with 1.5% for those just inside the top 10%, recent Labor Department data show. (In the late 1990s, wages of both grew about 2% a year.) Even the job turnover Mr. Greenspan praised is down 15% in the past two years as new opportunities have dried up.

sce; Greg IP Dow Jones Newswires

If the Dems fight on the economy they will lose the next election in a landslide. The economy in the US is doing very well, there is no denying that. Jobs is a lagging indicators not a leading.

Pick another straw man.

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