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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/31/toronto-star-laments-lack-of-racial-crime-data-it-helped-purge-decades-ago/ This is ironic. The same Toronto Star that seemingly played a central role in purging racial crime statistics collected by the government and prohibiting its future collection is now calling for its aggregation. Years ago, the Toronto Star seemed to champion the faux outrage over "dangerous" statistics regarding race and crime. Now, with its desire to push an agenda of racial agitation and division (drawing inspiration from its ideological allies south of the border), it now wants the very data it helped destroy. To the credit of the author of the original Toronto Star piece, she chastises her journalistic antecedents for contributing to this purge. She says that more information is always better than less, no matter how uncomfortable it may make some people feel.
  2. Race ? Sexual preference ? Gender ? What would you choose ? Some on another thread were insulted by Shady's statement that nobody would choose to be gay, however given that you can't choose the natural state of these things, strictly speaking, I think I agree with him. But it's a comment on the discrimination that people face based on these classifications, nothing more. I just saw Larry Wilmore on the Nightly Show ask a panel of black women which they would choose to be and the respondent answered and reaffirmed that she'd be a white man, because she has to do "twice as much to get half the reward". Yes... white, straight, male. I feel lucky and privileged. How about you ?
  3. If the state-by-state predictions are correct, then with the exception of Indiana the electoral college vote will be split along Confederacy-Union Lines with the states that were not part of the Union, but supported slavery, voting with the Union states. It's easy to say race is not an issue anymore by pointing to the abolition of slavery, the end of Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights movement, etc. However, it's not a coincidence that the states have broken onto these lines following 9/11 and explicitly with the first black president. The majority of blacks and minorities support the Democrats, while the majority of white voters support the Republicans. One need only go back to Clinton to see a Democrat picking up former Confederacy States, Reagan practically swept his elections, and Jimmy Carter's electoral map has plenty of support from the former Confederacy. See the historical maps at http://www.270towin.com for details. Some might say it's more of a financial issue, with voters supporting the GOP wanting a more fiscally responsible government, but that argument doesn't hold water when scrutinized. The majority of the Confederacy states are broke and collecting more money from the Fed than they put back into it (Mississippi being the case in point). Check out THIS LINK for maps, analysis, and video about America's Cold Civil War. Here's the images for the lazy: Projected State Wins for Presidential Election 2012. States whose names are in Gold are considered tossups. Here's the Civil War Split with the states in Gold representing states that were notin the Confederacy, but they supported slavery.
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