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Found 2 results

  1. Harper and Trudeau are similar in a great many ways. Trudeau supporting bill C-51 just one example of that. The Liberal leader has also said he has no interest in joining a coalition with the NDP. Both Liberals and Conservatives have voiced concern about the "socialist" NDP forming government. I predict that an NDP win in the next election will lead to the Tories and Grits seriously considering a coalition to keep Canada from having a "socialist" government. If not a coalition, they would certainly force an election in a minority situation. Does anyone else think this is a possibility? Personally, I think either outcome would be disastrous and lead to a subsequent NDP majority, but I'm not as sure about that as I am the possibility of a Liberal/Conservative coalition. What do you guys think?
  2. So home from Calgary now, and from a conservative viewpoint, we had a positive powwow. So I thought I’d start this topic, devoid of Rob Ford, the Senate “Scandal” and Prime Minister Harper’s speech (we clearly have enough of those threads) So instead of regurgitating the entire policy portion of the convention, I’ll link to a concise list put together by the Globe of a few “big ticket items”: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/fifteen-tory-motions-to-know-about-from-the-convention/article15232762/?click=tglobe I won’t bother copying the entire list, but I’m more then willing to discuss most of them, and instead will reference a handful: My personal views on this motion are that it’s purely a bone thrown to the social-conservative wing of the party, and will likely never reach the HoC, for the one simple fact that I don’t know how such legislation, if passed, could ever be enforced. This was a very close one and in my view lost (rightfully so) for several reasons. First, the language was severally disjointed and overreaching, attempting to cover too much ground, and this lead to the narrow collapse onto itself due to it’s own weight. Second, well acknowledging my first point, with the removal of the Firearms Act from the criminal code, gun ownership would no longer become a Federal jurisdiction, but one of the Provinces. This would entail a hodgepodge of differing laws across the country. Disappointed that this omnibus motion wasn’t broken down into several smaller motions that would have seen the ATT requirement either dissolved or rolled into the RPAL, and the reclassification of the 12.6 class (at this time) firearms put back into the Restricted Class. Agreed fully with the crux of this motion……..Ownership breeds independence, which ultimately will lead to better conditions for our First Nations peoples…….Think the recent fracking/pipeline debates under the context of the people of those Nations being both owners and having a viable (economic) steak (Fore or against) such decisions. This should be a no-brainer motion that I’d think would have bipartisan support within the HoC…….I’d liken this to learning to walk prior to running if one’s stated end-game is to see a more cost effective, smaller but better equipped military. In essence this will make feasible the use of more reserves to due the roles currently down by reg-force members or contractors. A viable Canadian version of the American’s “National Guard” This will have to happen prior to many of ideas put forth in the Firearms discussion. Canadians first need both the right and legal environment to self defence prior to allowing firearms to enter the conversation. A no-brainier in my view…….Should have support with the parties and my only compliant (well, more my wife’s) is why couldn’t this have happened decades ago…. Good......and I actually watch the CBC and will likely select them (along with FNC of course) once I can choose the tv channels instead of packages
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