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  1. No, shoot for example IPSC competition and find out. Btw, do you think some idiot like Roszko was better than FOUR well trained RCMPs? That was my question. It didn't have to happen at all if it wasn't for anti-fireram fanatics. People like Wendy Cukier or Sarah Brady are responsible for all those deaths and untimately Afghanistan war.. What did?
  2. They were homosexuals before they were priests, or hockey coaches, or teachers.
  3. Make a noise that disrupts the propellers? Or speak Hebrew real loud
  4. Are talking Asian Americans, European Americans, African Americans, or American Americans?
  5. And what that has to do with anything at all?
  6. Yes, they are. Nothing happen before they were disarmed. Btw, name one RCMP in Olympic shooting team. Have you heard of pilot shooting accidentaly into the floor? Well "hightly trained" cop guarding the Queen on a train did So you think WTC attack is better than armed pilots? Friggin draft? But sometimes the whole part of ceiling rolls out Why do you think police went from 9mm to 40 S&W ?
  7. "palestinians" themself claimed not long ago to be Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians. Yasar Arafat himself was Egyptian. "Palestine" is no more a nation than "sudeten" or Ozakia are. Tibet is an independent nation and a COUNTRY. Own history, religion and language. Presently occupied by Chinese soliers. Where do you think the European Jews came from? Mars? You don't even have a grade school knowledge of history. Do you know where are the oldest Jewish Holy cities located? Since many centuries before Islam was invented? 2011 is the year 5772 in Jewish calendar. (and 2554 in Thai Buddhist calendar)
  8. Palestine is an old name of Israel. Their loss :D Turkey will be automatically abandoned by the USA.
  9. They were very proficient before being disarmed. WHY?
  10. Who exactly are "indigenous people"? Like say in Europe for example, so it's more clear.
  11. And Canada's choice is to throw them in jail if they don't abide. Lot of them already found out.
  12. So are dictatorships and other banana "states". No influence on Canada. Some are but some look pretty normal, without the feathers andd all. Ah, another country with very rich dictatorial chiefs. Maybe they should ask for welfare from Beijing.
  13. It was. So why import more? 'Though it didn't cost billions of dolars around the globe beefing up all airports, and hunreds of millions of wasted hours for passengers. Beng afraid to bring even a friggin nail clipper.
  14. At EXTRA expense WE pay for. Pilot's 9mm or .357 is LOT cheaper.
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