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  1. In a perfect world, I would of elected a governemnt that didn't cause problems so they could then later use the excuse of fixing them, with ruining other countries to keep itself on top.
  2. the washington times...lol....it MUST BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Why are we letting the government make these types of dicisions, we are the people who will be effected, we should be the ones who make the decision.
  4. Lets start at WW2, where the objective was to destroy, and rid the world of nazi/facist threats. How can the U.S. say it won when nazi groups all around the world, including america(KKK,arian's nation, etc). Oh and by the way the new dictionary term for terrorism puts the KKK on the terrorist columb, and the Bush knows where they are not hiding in some cave over see's but right in are very backyards. The Cold War, was a silent war against Communist Russia and it's allies. Well if the U.S. wanted to show how hard there convition is to a war, this shows failure, since China is now a super power with nukes, and is cummunist. And why did the U.S not invade China, to stop them from getting WMD, but invade a little country where there are more cammels than guns? The War on Drugs...nuff said, they lost BAD! The war on terrorism....this is frieghtening the U.S. better smarten up, quick. If they wanna win this one.
  5. Ignorant to only have 2 choices in a 3d world. Anti-Bush Anti-US Citizen Anti-US Government Policy I'm Anti US Government Policy!
  6. There not anti-american, there anti bush administration, and if the usa has nothing to hide seeing al jazeera in america wouldn't be a problem...wood it!
  7. Thats a big mistake we should only reward MP's who do there job correctly and get GOOD RESULTS. Look south of us, Bush wages wars, goes 90 billlion dollars back in debt, destroys economy, sends jobs overseas, and he's gonna get something like a 500,000 release pay if he doesn't get elected. He cant lose, win or lose this election.
  8. Wankers promised insurance reform, we elected the monkies and 2 days ago they went back on there word. I pay 260 a month because of an ass who HIT ME, I am not at fault.
  9. My mother which of whome is dying of cancer and has only a few months to live, gets visited at our home by two nurses 5 days a week, plus medication. Try getting that in the U.S.
  10. What they gonna do bomb us, were canadians we'd have the rest of the world on our side. If Kerry is a dumbass like Bush then so be it, I only feel pitty for the U.S. citizens. And since when are we supposed to feel scared about political views, what is this a tyrancy?
  11. We went wrong when we started to do buisness withut humanity, when we started doing buisness like U.S. buisnessmen, greedy, arrogant, dumb.
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