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  1. Do you live by the tennet everything is permissable?? It appears so even if it is blatant in your face war crimes or lies you either chose to deny, or if its undeniable you say "I actually prefer VP Cheney's more straightforward approaches....invade and pillage just because we can. If it's a "jihad" they wish, then lets make it one to remember!!" The quote disgusts me as I am sure it does many others. I guess you think thise whole thing is working out great for America?(empire building) economic trumps virtue....no human empathy and compassion. But that doesn't matter when fiat money exists right? And what would your bigger fish be? Bush?...or should I just take your word for it and ignore that Cheney had proposed using a false pretext to enter into a nuclear war with Iran...which is extremely serious and has grave implications. It shows what they have in mind, and if they could concieve it now why not in 2001 when Cheney and Rumsfeld were calling for a "new pearl harbour"...
  2. http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/200...hrax/print.html
  3. I'm glad you think the over 1 million civilian deaths in Iraq is laughing matter. And the fact your constitution is in tatters after Patriot Act I Just wait for Patriot Act II I think that it is suspicious that it was an American in the American Army attacking America with high grade anthrax(one of the top researchers). I also find it suspicious that he would directly link the anthrax letters with 9/11 and portray himself as a Muslim. And what about the traces of anthrax that were found and unreported until much later? Does that not suggest that some anthrax had to have been opened/transported? And I don't think it's that unreasonable to make that speculative leap given he was a high ranking official in the military, it coincided with mobilizing the publics support to war against "islamofascism", and the base at which the contamination occurred was also the same location that investigated the incident. With your broad focus of imagination enlighten me as to why you perceive Ivin's had the need to frame Muslims and link the anthrax attacks to 9/11? I didn't make that connection up, its in the letters, it was used by ABC in which they said it was produced by Iraq and contributed to the invasion.
  4. And that is exactly what I'm talking about angus. He didn't even see the comment but he can't move on and discuss the thread. Did he read it? I don't think so, but can't know for sure. I was correct in my assumptions, and although that doesn't excuse them, they prove my point. It has yet to be proven wrong. I haven't flamed him, I don't know how it could of been considered an insult rather than an observation. N just so you aren't left in the dark BC I insinuated you would either say its a non-issue, not discuss the issue, or blame/contrast it to Canada. You seem to of opted on ignoring/not discussing the issue as usual. And from this point on there's now a 75% chance Cheney's proposal won't even be mentioned....
  5. well i guess i should criticize canada as well for the BSE outbreaks that have resulted in a ban on Canadian beef. American beef is banned in several countries ,not for BSE, but for the hormone content (RBGH).
  6. Why can't that be treated as lightly as honey crullers?
  7. There is a precedent than has been set in my mind. Every open discussion I have attempted to enter before has quickly been hijacked into an off topic thread where the original post has never been discussed. Or conversely after the 2nd page there will be no remnant of the original thread. I take that satirical post light heartedly as I do with many of the tinfoil hat "truther" comments I have come to accept. I apologize if I offended you BC. I will delete that comment. There is no excuse for assuming he would post anything of that nature and that is truly not the direction I intended to direct this thread. It was juvenile. If you think this could possibly lead into an interesting on topic discussion I see no reason why it still can't. Let's see. I like the grow the f*** up junior, has a nice flare to it.
  8. Perhaps, but there's no way you can smoke it without being a low-life scumbag. Where I live, the RCMP tell kids that when they buy pot they're actually giving money to Osama Bin Laden. that was good for a laugh...i thought they were into heroin? Oh wait, they didn't have any left in Afghanistan. That is until we invaded them, then boom 100% + increase in production. But i guess you can think that weed money goes to bin laden and that the earth is flat.(hey maybe some of it does but by no means all, and I would say less than 1% lol) Most of the stuff I've had is local, n I know a grower or 2, never have they mentioned that they sell for Jihad...
  9. how about we ban american beef and dairy products?
  10. well I don't see how I didn't answer you asked "Question - Do you always, without fail, root for the underdog in sports?" And I did answer that, you may want to reread and bust out you cognitive thinking cap though. And I answered the other question as well when I "wouldn't think it was a conspiracy", w/e you don't believe my answer, do I care? No. You assume I am a 9/11 "truthie" just as much as you assume I assume you're a sheep person(singular of sheeple???loll) Your the one making the assumptions... "This is why you and others like you are not believed by rational people." And there you go with your assumptions again, they aren't even yours, think for yourself schmuck Strangely enough, 9/11 polls shows 1/2-1/3 of the country (the US) believes that Bush and his administration was behind the 9/11 attack. Apparently there are alot more like me than you thought? An am640 poll (local toronto radio station) had a response of 84% believing it was a false flag attack. And if you're so rational explain why Bruce Ivins was so compelled to frame muslims for an anthrax attack after 9/11? Or why he wants to even frame muslims in the first place? 09-11-01 YOU CAN NOT STOP US. WE HAVE ANTHRAX. YOU DIE NOW. ARE YOU AFRAID? DEATH TO AMERICA. DEATH TO ISRAEL. ALLAH IS GREAT. 09-11-01 THIS IS NEXT TAKE PENACILIN NOW DEATH TO AMERICA DEATH TO ISRAEL ALLAH IS GREAT
  11. It was said that there is no way to tell or prove the difference between interceptor and nuclear missiles, the warheads can be interchanged, even after an inspection. This would give the US a first strike opportunity which they have craved since the end of WWII. And for detering, the CSO and SCO are responding with their own missile sheild. They have already scheduled meetings to discuss this topic which they have assuredly done before accepting the Missile Sheild as innevitable. It seems to have sparked a new arms race. Not to mention, "Reports in Russian news media have suggested Russia is developing a nuclear missile that could carry up to 10 nuclear warheads weighing a total of four tonnes, and a mobile version of its Topol-M ballistic missile. The Topol-M has a range of 10,000 kilometres, and have been deployed in silos since 1998. They reportedly can manoeuvre in ways that are difficult to detect." ie. it can manoeuvre in ways difficult to detect (low level, s turns, avoiding EWS's) Also, the 10 warheads could be released from the missile independently and autonomously, they are only installing 10 interceptor missiles... this missile sheild is only a provocation, it doesn't protect anyone from iran's imaginary nukes. The interceptor can only be seen as an advantage in a 1st strike scenario. If Russia decided to nuke us those 10 interceptors would do shit all.... How about a larger version of THEL land based in GB powered by a nuclear powerplant...that would work. I guess theyd rather mount the Airborne Laser on a plane so if it gets shot down it spews highly toxic gases and liquids everywhere (unless they get a solid state laser instead of chem). I guess it makes more sense to cuz its mobile, but if they got that in the works, why the missile sheild???
  12. How about: August 10, 1995. Say there are 4 anthrax letters mailed. they did not coincide with any political events. Or lets say about any other day +/- 2-3 weeks before/after 9/11 that didn't originate from the US BC weapon facility. I only used that logic to prove that there was a flaw in your logic, the flaw you pointed out was actually your initial mistake(yw). With a mindset like that it is impossible to accomplish anything. I'm calling it a conspiracy because I believe it is just as, if not more plausible, that they are related due to the contents and context of the information provided and what it eventually led too. Rather than believeing 2 related things are somehow unrelated. I didn't believe there was a "conspiracy" until I found out that the 2 people that had been investigated were both in the US military. And then I read the note. And btw if you can remember back, there was speculation that the letters came from Iraq. ABC news released that it contained Betonite, a signature of the Iraqi biological weapons program. This was an non-sourced and unverified yet it many lies were built upon this one. I'm not sure if panic is quite the right word, but it is close enough. Anthrax played a role in my decision to support the Bush administration's desire to take out Saddam Hussein. I linked him to anthrax, which I linked to Sept. 11. I was not going to stand by and simply wait for another attack -- more attacks. I was going to go to the source, Hussein, and get him before he could get us. As time went on, I became more and more questioning, but I had a hard time backing down from my initial whoop and holler for war.-Richard Cohen, Washington Post ^^(I bet he was the only one who felt this way...he still spread the idea to hundreds of thousands though....) In a sense maybe, but in no way to I claim to be an leader, especially facelessly on a forum lol. Leaders don't ask for followers, they do their own thing. I try to be original and formulate my own opinions and ideas rather than taking assumptions as universal truths. I don't root for either team I barely watch sports And when I do I'm indifferent But I play sports what do you make of that?
  13. nah sheeple is olddd, i never used the term on anyone anyways. what is it like 5% are born leaders so I just assume the other 95% relish in their enslavement. i'm fine with anyones beliefs I'm just posting my own opinion. I would hardly call that a character assasination, I wouldn't even say attempted character assasination....he does it himself. All I said is hes a robot and a drone...how offensive lol Why should i care if you say a word is old.......
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