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  1. There was a useful message going around one Twitter, which basically said that all (or at least most of us) have had the experience of sitting in history class and wondering what we would have done. The answer is that you would have done exactly what you are doing now. So congratulations, all of you that whined and complained about appeasement by the "Left" - congratulations, you have become the evil that you warned us against. You are the Quislings and the Vichy sentimentalists. I would call you the Chamberlains, but in his defence at least he did not have himself to refer back to. This forum is dominated by the collaborator class. I advise everyone of conscience to devote their time to more meaningful pursuits and company.
  2. You should all see the disgusting way the Conservatives are trying to get people to personally contact Harper and Poilievre on Twitter to tell them they got their cheques. As if they gave a fuck if you got your cheque except insofar as they can use psychological tricks to sucker people into voting for them.
  3. Loon may have been minor, but Radical Femenist is not. Capitalizing like that, and especially misspelling to throw in a reference to FEMEN, is just a way to scream "BOOGEYMAN!" Feminism Derangement Syndrome, anyone?
  4. As a rule no one should ever put any store in the report of someone who feels the need to spell "loon" as "Loon" and "radical feminist" as "Radical Femenist" . Really, the people who obsess about "radical feminists" are bad enough.
  5. Okay. So imagine a situation where all taxes were eliminated except for a tax that went to paying a refundable child tax credit. THE PEOPLE PAYING THE TAX CREDIT IN THAT SITUATION ARE THE SAME GOD DAMN PEOPLE PAYING FOR IT NOW!!! SERIOUSLY, HOW IS THIS NOT OBVIOUS!?!
  6. You did not pay the taxes being given to you. The childless did. Your attempt at a dodge is pathetic.
  7. CBC spends a few man hours on an opinion piece and it causes right wingers to gnash their teeth in outrage. Conservatives virtually steal 3B from the Government of Canada and cast at is their own personal largesse and it causes nary a complaint. Maybe you guys should take a look at the shirt Pierre Poilievre was wearing when he was ostensibly acting in his capacity as a minister.
  8. By definition is an official language a language of legal action, or in the completely insane scenario where this happened would we suddenly have 60 new interpretations of the law for people to go to court over?
  9. A member of the professional shit disturber class. There have been a number of that kind on here I think: people who are paid to troll and post disinformation, often for the benefit of foreign nations. Russia is known to have entire outfits dedicated to this sort of thing, and it does not seem far fetched to suggest China could do it too. Not really that different from how they have watered down the Tibetan majority in Tibet. Just a different medium.
  10. I do not understand how you can be born Canadian and be so out of the loop with how things work around here. I feel like I am being lead towards the conclusion that you are not what you say you are.
  11. That is not just what is at play though. You may say you have no expectation of privacy in a public place (what is a public washroom, by the way?), but that does not mean you do not have any expectation of not being continuously and actively surveilled in a public place; better known as stalking. Is there an essential difference between pervasive surveillance and stalking? If there is, it is a pretty damn thin distinction.
  12. To be fair you could probably say that for a lot of things we learned in grade school. Maybe even most of them. In any case, the current record holder for most official languages is Zimbabwe with 16. Real winner of a country they picked there.
  13. Will the day come when we see that it was never being crazy that made you think people were watching you but rather that people watching you that made you crazy?
  14. Do you think the day will come when we wish we had Big Brother because it would be less pervasive and invasive than what we have in real life?
  15. Why not Guy Caron? He has as good an education in economics as Stephen Harper and has actually worked on the basis of that credential, unlike Harper.
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