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  1. What do you think might be the economic source of Canadian prosperity in the future? Resources or services?
  2. Some American Congressmen suggest having a fence on the Canadian border? Likely, unlikely?
  3. According to the reports from the embassy in Lebanon, most of the people who were getting evacuated were tourists.
  4. There is one thing that make my blood boil is racism and intolerance or the hint that it is the motivation behind certain behaviour. You say you're not a racist. Fine. If you want to comment on immigration issues, try not to target certain nationalities unless there is supported evidence that they pose certain challenges for Canada. And if they do pose challenges, offer some advice as to what that community or the country can do to remedy them. I think back to the time the Hutterites came to Canada. They could not be more different from the rest of us in our lifestyle. But over time, they've adjusted, we've adjusted and they are part of the community in their own way.
  5. It is probably better to cut it entirely if that is the intent of the Conservatives. You couldn't run Wayne's World with that budget. It would just be a waste.
  6. That would mean that the present owners would have to divest of their holdings. Don't know how exactly that would work.
  7. A revelation at last. Perhaps if your own rhetoric and snideness was toned down, there might be some point at which debate could happen. You might even convince some people of your argument.
  8. So what if they are? They're Canadian citizens regardless. If you want to blame somebody for them being Canadian citizens, blame the Conservative government. Yes, the Conservative government. Most of them became Canadians under Mulroney. The same Muroney who advises Harper. Yes, that Harper. The same Harper who affirmed the immigration program that he inherited. Get all of that?
  9. The Saudi government runs on a steady cash from oil. I'm not sure they could wait 10 years without the government falling and all hell breaking loose. In fact, all hell could break loose there anyways. Maybe Alberta could hold on to their oil for 10 years. <heh>
  10. Do you think that between now and 2017, we'll be able to go back to no passport entry?
  11. It looks like quite a lot of people are watching it. It is taking forever to load. Who commissioned it?
  12. You think Canada would be absorbed all at once? As a state? As a territory? As series of states? Would they leave any parts out?
  13. Given the thread's title, I hope Canadians are better at math. I realized that after I typed up the header which I was hoping to change it to mention 150th year. I made it 2017 because that is a year most Stascan projections extend to for cities and provinces on population and other demographic information. It is also Canada's 150th birthday. So do I get my math mark back?
  14. Israel indeed has to deal with fanaticism of the like most nations hope to never see. I fear that Lebanon is a quagmire that won't get the soldiers back. I do believe that Syria and Iran have to be dealt with for exporting violence but that is a task that only the United States can do realistically. At some point, Israel will have to decide "stay or go" in Lebanon. And if it is stay, how long? If it is go, who do you turn things over to? It is a scary situation that may not resolve their security problem or get their soldiers back. And worse yet, it may leave Lebanon so weak that it becomes a client state of Syria in ways far worse than now.
  15. What will Canada be like in 150 years? And not just politically. Think socially, environmentally, spirtually. What will be the technological changes? How long will the work week be? Will families be bigger, smaller, about the same? Many of you work in various fields. Are there any innovations out there that you think will be of significant change? What would you like to see Canada become? You can be sarcastic, serious or humerous in your reply. But please your imagination. I'm just curious as to what people see as the future. Also, although not critical, tell us what part of the country you are in, your general age and gender.
  16. What I said was to vote for someone else if they continued to do what you didn't want them to do. Failing that, I said run yourself. I applauded some of the people who said they might just do that. Ralph Klein, love him or hate him, ran for mayor of Calgary with basically no support against a system the apathetically re-elects mayors for life. I ran myself years ago. I have lots of respect for people who run on their principles. I'm all for protesting as well but as the NDP has found out over the years, you have to eventually put up or shut up. It means that if people start listening to you, you should be prepared to govern. Some in the NDP nationally don't seem comfortable with the idea of governing and continue to be a protest party. I'm perfectly comfortable with your stand on protest as a political forum. It is a legitimate aspect of a democratic country. And as far as the immigration issue goes, you can take that issue publicly as a protest. However, if people start to listen to you, don't be surpised if they try to draft you to public office. It happened to Ralph Nader.
  17. You would still have to deal with the rest of the Liberal media. You can ask the Conservatives to end protection of the media industry in Canada and let American companies buy TV, radio and newspapers. Then, Canadian television and radio and newspapers could be affilates of U.S. companies like FOX. Then news would be fair and balanced.
  18. You use words like non-sensical and then attempt to answer the question. Does that make sense? The debate happens every day whether Canada is a friend or not to the United States. There are many ways to approach Canada/U.S. relations. You can take note that Harper is not using Mulroney's or Chretien's approach to the relationship. It remains to be seen whether the one he is taking now is the one that works. So, the question will remain legitimate. As far as antgonistic, I haven't personally said anything about you here. I questioned why you would call a legitimate discussion non-sensical. You call it anti-Amercian. The debate could have gone in any number of directions before you dismissed it.
  19. Careful. He might report you. Of course that might bring attention to his own behaviour.
  20. Some of the cost of bringing Americans back to the States is being charged but it is possible they might never collect as Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate argue against it on humanitarian grounds. Quebec has already said that they will take care of any Canadians returning to Quebec from Lebanon who need assistance. They haven't made an issue of it. The majority of Lebanese live in Quebec. No word on what other provinces are doing.
  21. Many people often ask what the difference is with fertility clinics. These things are Republican approved and Bush himself has said in speeches that he favours them. But aren't they just killing floors for unused embryos? Talk about hypocritical.
  22. I agree that the blogs are just one point of view. But it is one more outlet to assess what is happening out there. I wish there were some sites like that one for national media. If anyone knows of something like that in Toronto, I'd be happy to hear it. As for bulletin boards/forums like this, the limitations are that they are not really news oriented and often re-inforce previously held beliefs about something. I can honestly say that a site like Blackrod has forced me to re-examine a news story and change my thinking on it.
  23. I think the media is guilty of being lazy a lot of the time. I don't know about other regions but take a look at this site: http://blackrod.blogspot.com/ It exposes the "crappy" reporting in Manitoba across several media platforms. The focus is on quality reporting rather than politics but politics plays a role.
  24. Right now it the death by a thousand cuts. I support the CBC but has suffered under both Liberal and Conservative governments. The Conservatives cancelled a widesweeping review that might have helped focus the CBC on what it should and what it could do to become a better network. In my opinion, that would be to restore their one hour local news across Canada and to have a 11:00 local news restored as well.
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