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  1. in answer to the OP... a resounding YES! Yes, fat children should be taken away from their parents... they've put their kids' health is at risk and do not deserve to be parents. Good lord, wafting cig smoke is now illegal, yet we allow parents to feed their children grossly inadequate food. More people have health issues from being obese than from walking through a waft of cig smoke.
  2. She looks just like my little grand-niece ... talks as fast too, when she is incensed! If only people would f**king realize that Palestinians are people... with cute little girls, same as "our" cute little girls... jesushfuckingchristonastick! Dub, although I and Kuzzad (and maybe one or two other posters) appreciate them... showing these important vids here is useless as the audience is uttery deaf and dumb. They could be there and experience it for themselves and they would STILL deny that it is happening. They cover their eyes and say "lalalalalalala!!! I can't see it, it's not happening, lalalalalalalala! Isreal good... that little girl, the videio is fake, those bleeding children... stage blood (because Palestine spends lotsa money on fake blood right!) lalalalalalalala!"
  3. s'all gooood... inappropriate comments only "matter" when a female's "integrity" (or lackthereof) is involved LOL Where is the outrage at Buchanan? Shouldn't he be hung out to dry like Letterman? Poor poor Levi! Just a horny young man who should've bagged it... now an international "celebrity"! Ha ha ha
  4. If you criticize a person's actions (for example) is that the same as murdering him? Come on Krusty... you know better than that!
  5. Dontcha know, Dub, that it's OK to hate and kill muslims but you ARE NOT allowed to criticize Israel!!! LOL Their lame argument boils down to calling you Hitler... ! Rightwing freaks -- 0 Humanists -- 1 Keep tryin' haters! LOL
  6. sorry Bonam, was referring to other posters... ;-)
  7. Aren't you one of the same folks who now hate Letterman for his "joke" about Palin's daughter. LOL Do you wish someone would have stopped Letterman? Or you ok with his telling of the joke? What if (OMG!) Palin's 14 yo daughter is a lesbian! LOL
  8. No link for you! LOL the magazine isn't expensive sheesh... it goes for about $3.50, surely you can afford it, after all you have not adopted any "AIR-breathing" children and have no burden on yourself at all! Go ahead splurge a bit -- buy a Reader's Digest! You will love it, it's chock full of "I love America" and other "conservative bullshit" LOL 1,700 out of 22,000 will be adopted... (8%) ...will you step up to the plate and help these poor children? Or does your concern stop once they leave the womb? How will YOU personally take care of all the children that you force to be born? Will you support them economically in any way? Will you make sure they are clothed, fed and educated? Of course you won't! You just spout off at the mouth with no solutions in mind.
  9. Go buy the magazine at your local grocery store!! Frig LOL No, they are not babies. The article did point that out. Only about 1700 will be adopted and most of them will be infants. Older, non-aborted fetuses have a much harder time... less "cute" I guess. If those who do not believe in abortion would at the very least prove what they have done for living breathing children, maybe their argument would stand.... but alas, they do not care about breathing children, only fetuses in wombs. You can whine and cry all you want.. until you actually do something to help these "breathing" children, you have not a leg to stand on. And wy haven't those older children been adopted? Are they not as "valuable" as fetuses or newborns? If there are so many people concerned about keeping fetuses safe, why not help post-fetal humans? Because YOU cannot be burdened, you want someone else to carry the burden. Pfft. Barbaric is forcing women into giving birth to children they do not want. Your argument will go round and round forever....(meaning: anti-choice will never "win") or until North America finally becomes a completely facist continent. (Which the conservatives are working hard to achieve) Cheers!
  10. Yah! Bulldozing your house is NOT a bad thing! Let me come onto your land and take it... then see if you want to retaliate, or if you will just peacefully go away... I'll make damn sure you have no food, no shelter and no weapons but the rocks on the little patch of ground I leave for you. One square cm per person ought to be plenty dontcha think? *the blindess of some folks is utterly astounding" Oh... and where do you live? I need to know if your land is suitable for my takeover ;-)
  11. a big stick makes for big morals right Dog? If you have the biggest stick in the neighbourhood is that "licence" for you to beat on those with small sticks? If you have a gun and your neighbours don't, does that give you "licence" to shoot them? If you are poor and your neighbour is rich, does that make it ok for him to steal your property because you can't fight back? Hmmmmm? The Israelis are just like anyone else, they do not deserve a "special" place set aside for them only. They are simple humans just like the rest of us and should learn to share, the selfish buggers! In this day and age of enlightenment and humanity... how can their still be some folks that would like to see an entire people be erradicated, one house, one tiny bit of land at a time? Have they not "moved on" from those ancient arguments about whose god is right? Shame on Israel supporters for not stopping (and actually advocating) the genocide of the Palestinians.
  12. It sure doesn't seem fair JBG... so why do the Israelies warrant a "special" place? Paid for by the west btw...? Huh? Huh? LOL Arrogant jews LOL LOL LOL
  13. 22,000 children in Canada are waiting for families to adopt them. (according to June 2009 Reader's Digest) Put your money where your mouths are, anti-choice folks! Adopt one or two of these post-fetal human beings!
  14. Those who agree with and support via vote are just as guilty as any government or military leader. Citizens don't get a "free" pass from responsibility, they are the ones that vote the buggers in! I've been anti-American since waaay before it was "cool". I do not apologize for that. I'm also half German.
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