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  1. You don’t pay squat for us. WE pay for your folly to the tune of $10B annually, much of it to PAYbec.

    I no longer want to help people who’re a drain on me and my neighbors. That seems to be the routine and a fine system you’ve established controlling the colonies. I would shatter it in a New York Minute. Then what’s your plan? You don’t have one actually.

  2. I figure my groceries are up 30% in the past year but I’m on a fixed income. I keep swallowing it everywhere and I have little left to give. Forget a social life. That was gone long ago. Now the new condo fees are coming. That includes gas, power and water. Gulp.

    I’m terrified. This is not what I had in mind working nights and weekends to meet ad deadlines much of my life. I haven’t had a vacation in eight years. It’s all been a big lie.

    I would suggest the “prosperity” is more like EZ credit. Kids being driven 4 blocks to school in financed $75,000 SUV’s and living in homes with 3.5 bathrooms is not prosperity but living beyond one’s means and needs in a fake illusion.

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  3. I see the "information age" as simply indoctrinating people. With a life long career in advertising I initially thought the juggernaut was aimed at youth but I'm observing weak and otherwise helpless adults falling for it. They don't even know how they're being bought and sold. Very sad.

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  4. I’ll say it again. DNA doesn’t lie. It’s one or the other and I don’t see male Lions thinking they’re female adopting cubs and pretending they’re a “family”. We need to stop making excuses for mental illness and focus on getting help where needed rather than folding the tents for every silly folly that blows in the wind.

    Bruce Jenner can peacock all he likes and even saw off his pee pee, but he’s a male with male DNA.

  5. For the most part I have no interest at all in women over 30 with very few exceptions. I consider 18-22 to be the prime window and to be honest, the 16 year olds resemble the 21 year olds when I was in University.

    All of this is of course why I’m single at 61 and have been for 20 years. I highly doubt ANY sane woman has ANY interest in me so it all balances out nicely. It’s just better this way for all concerned.

    I can buy any motorcycle stuff I want and drink orange juice straight out of the jug.

  6. Cancel Culture is real and upon us. We continue to flood in despots from the wrong countries rather than English speaking professionals from clearly logical points of origin. Riding transit, I rarely hear English spoken (and why do they all yell?). If I were to move permanently to say Italy, it's utterly ridiculous to imagine I would go not speaking Italian or at least fast track learning it once there so as to fit in and coexist.

    Even worse, the children of these migrants, ones born here are speaking Farsi, Arabic and Mandarin and being encouraged to do so by I assume their parents. I consider this almost child abuse given future educational and employment goals HERE. In effect, they're creating a ghetto amongst themselves. If they insist on living in the old country they should have stayed there in the first place.

  7. I’ve found the party irrelevant. I mean, who doesn’t want a cleaner, more efficient world? We’ve been very sloppy over time but we’re getting better. Slowly yes, but it’s coming along.

    Edmonton is going to three bins now, the third for food waste as in composting material, which I assume will ultimately be used for fertilizer.

    Yes, we have a ways to go about education, behaviour and respect for the planet but a so minded political party is unnecessary and far too single focused.

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  8. I don’t even know the words to the national anthem. They’ve been changed four times in my lifetime and I believe a fifth change is coming if I recall. I find this a national embarrassment and frankly I don’t even care anymore.

    Speaking of change, I’d get rid of the Lester Pearson Liberal Party logo flag of 1965 and return to Canada’s proper flag, the Red Ensign. That is the correct flag my grandfather was wounded under in France in WW1 and under-which I myself was born - in Alberta of course. 😎

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  9. Speaking of “native culture”, I wrote to APTN and asked about their annual operating budget and what is the source of their funding. I received acknowledgement of my inquiry and await answers - if I ever get them.

    I expect they are almost entirely funded by tax dollars to prop up their “culture” and make them feel good. We shall see, which I highly doubt.

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  10. Firstly, we need to stop using words like “native” and “indigenous”. Science many years ago agreed that the Western Hemisphere was populated from north to south by way of immigration across the Bering Strait, then a land bridge. Human remains are oldest the further north and far predate Mayans or Inca.


    Thus, our so called “natives”, just as I am, are descendants of immigrants. Yet, as a Norwegian-American-Canadian, I don’t belong to a group which warrants a special Federal Cabinet position and gets billions a year. We’ve been accustomed to drilling our own water wells on farms and having fine drinking water in my family’s history.

    Canada is so messed up it’s probably best to start over.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

    1. Compromise and pluralism IS our culture.
    2. Conservatives like freedom, not government-imposed culture laws on 'conforming'.  I'm not interested in your culture shampoo.... go wash a dog or something.
    3. Yes, we want to build an economy... Also note that Ontario doesn't have weird disparaging nicknames for other provinces, but dress up in whatever costume you like, cowboy...

    Cowboy? Because Alberta has 70% of the cattle business in CanaDUH? I suppose you have no clue Alberta has the highest percentage of population in the country with a post secondary education.

    Nobody expects much from you in Toronto. You’re a national burden. Now get back to building an economy with your Syrian and Afghan refugees.

  12. At 61, single for 20 years with no children it’s a short list.

    I live comfortably retired early at 55 and have clear title on my home. I suppose my reasons are my cat, my motorcycle (43 riding) and the Utah desert south.

    The family has a winter home in Cocoa Beach, Florida and my sister has a winter place in El Centro, California on the desert. Covid has hurt as I can’t stand winter.

    Thank goodness for baseball and football.

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