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  1. oh my god I feel so sorry for you right now its not even funny.
  2. So true, it is all Trudeau's fault...the tariffs on Mexico, China, Japan, European Union... its all Trudeau's fault. I don't like the guy, his policies or his party but there is a line to how much blame I can heap on him for things outside of his control. There is a dark period of time coming for the US and unfortunately we are tied to them as Canadians. When everyone's household expenses balloon by 20-50% due to tariffs and when businesses start closing down because they cannot compete with the exports of other countries the US will be up for a rude awakening but they are the once that elected an individual with zero decency, common-sense or integrity. Hopefully the American people will elect some competent adults in the next election to babysit the spoiled brat in the White House.
  3. This doesn't seem to have been a major issue before Trump went on the warpath last week and it became an issue only after Trump tried to figure out an excuse as to why he is on the warpath.
  4. Do you think that if Canada made unilateral concessions right now and did exactly as he wants it would make one shred of difference? We cannot really do much in the way of change until the US changes their policies on subsidies since if we change they can flood our markets with cheaper products, destroy our domestic food production and then our situation is going to be so much worse when you have to rely solely on Trump's America for food. There are certain strategic industries in any country that have to be maintained, maybe our system is not the best and maybe we should look into changing it but we should most definitely not allow subsidized American goods to destroy our domestic food production because then they not can destroy our economy, but they control our food supply.
  5. We most definitely know how it is working for them, the price of still just went up by 25% and the American manufacturers and American people have nowhere to turn for reprieve. Everything that requires still at any stage of manufacturing, distribution or storage goes up in price and everything requires at least one of these categories. So the cost will be transferred to the American people right before the elections in November... I don't think Trump sees this as working for him, I think he was under the impression that he will put tariffs on other countries and they will not respond in kind which became obvious as a false assumption on his part when the retaliations came around. I would love to see who he tries to blame for the rising unemployment rate when companies start shutting down and construction slows down dramatically. He took responsibility for Obama's policies that brought unemployment down to it's lowest level in a long time but now he will have to take responsibility for the rise in unemployment as well, or at the very least people will hold him responsible. If Trump had imposed tariffs on Canadian steel only the US manufacturers could have imported from somewhere else, but he didn't so they can't because wherever they go will be the same price.
  6. How is that Working for them? Mexico, Canada, China, EU and Japan placed tariffs on American exports... you know the recipients of 60%+ of America's exports. He went from having trade with little to no tariffs on either side to trade with ever increasing tariffs from all sides. The joke is on the American people because they will be the once paying more for everything. Canada might have tariffs on steel and aluminum but Trump put tariffs on everyone else as well which means Americans are still going to be buying from Canada because everyone else's steel price just went up 25% as well, but Mexico, Canada, China, EU and Japan can turn around and import from other sources what they need thereby increasing the trade imbalance. American exports become significantly more expensive worldwide while Canadian exports get more expensive in the US... right along with goods from everyone else. This should become pretty obvious by November and maybe common sense will prevail.
  7. Why didn't Trump bring this up in the negotiations then? He ran his mouth and decided to find a reason later... The problem with the US under Trump is that their credibility is shot to hell, he could agree to something in person and change his mind depending on what he sees on TV the next day or some offhand remark by some random person etc...
  8. Examining is one thing, but changing our own internal policies to suit a president who will just create another "fact" and create another version of "truth" doesn't make sense. Right now what we do or do not do with our dairy industry is a non-issue, from where I am seeing things Trump started the insults and attacks and only after he tried to find a reason why he was attacking. If we decide to do away with our policies he will just switch "reasons" and if he cannot find one he will make one up and if all else fails... blame us for burning down the White House. This seems to be his one and only negotiation strategy as well, he doesn't clearly spell out what he intents to get from whatever negotiations he is doing at the moment and when all is said and done he states that they were a success because he got everything he wanted.
  9. Why should Canada change their policies then? Should we make unilateral concessions in the hope that Trump will negotiate with us? I don't know exactly how much value any treaty/agreement signed by the Trump administration has since after all many times even his advisors are caught off guard by his change of policy which usually comes out through twitter.
  10. Maybe he should start by removing subsidies to American farmers... lead by example. He is attacking what he perceives as inequalities in trade with Canada while ignoring the fact that the US does the same thing in a different way. He does not seem particularly interested in the prosperity of his allies, nor does he seem interested in the prosperity of the United States, because if he were interested in the prosperity of his allies he would not be trying to damage or destroy their economies and if he cared one shred about the prosperity of the United States beyond his own personal financial interests he would not be starting a trade war with the countries that take 65.5 % of American exports. Trump has placed the United States in the exact same situation that Canada is in because he is putting tariffs against countries that represent such a large % of American exports, if those countries reply in kind and escalate when Trump escalates, things will get very painful for the US. At the same time Trump is blaming China for the trade imbalance but the trade imbalance was and still is the fault of American corporations. Corporations outsource their manufacturing to China for cheaper labour and lax regulations and then import the final product into the United States and the US is complaining that China is taking advantage of the US when the US companies are taking advantage of the US. What % of China's exports to the US is actually made up of American companies that outsourced their manufacturing to China? When the American people get hit with a price increase in everything affected by the tariffs Trump imposed and then American manufacturers start suffering because of the Retaliation tariffs from America's trading partners the only name that will come up associated with blame would be Trump. After all if Canada and the US are in a trade war Americans can point the finger at Canada as the culprit, but if the US is in a trade war with China, Canada, Mexico, European Union and Japan then the problem is common in all of those trade war's and that is the US.
  11. Pulling out a pistol and shooting someone because you think they MIGHT be committing a crime is acceptable? Read the post I was answering to and then join the discussion.
  12. It would depend on the crime since there is a small difference in degree after all. It goes from stealing a pack of gum from the convenience store all the way to mass murder and every vile crime in between. Using deadly force to prevent some crimes is acceptable, while using deadly force to prevent others should never be acceptable.
  13. So does that mean that if we cut police forces at all levels(Federal, Provicncial and municiple) by say 10 or 20% we wont see a riseing crime rate? Crime rate falls, people demand budget cuts, police officer numbers cut after which crime rate climbs and people start wondering what the hell happened.
  14. So? Do you think there might be a correlation between more spending on police and falling crime rate?
  15. What would be your solution for the middle east? If All of a sudden the west withdrew and locked down all borders leading into Europe and stop all refugee traffic into North America what do you think would happen? Do you think ISIS and the other band of merry nut cases would decide to leave us alone? I am not pro-bombing because I don't see bombing as the solution to anything, bombing as a part of a well rounded strategy? Sure as a part of a strategy rather than the whole strategy.
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