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  1. Living here in SW Florida where 2.2 million people had no electric after Ian this week. How did all those electric cars all get charged? They didn't Why is there a photo floating around of a guy in an electric car filling up gas cans? In California, they can't even keep their electric on, but they are phasing out the sale of gas powered cars. It's pure insanity, and pure virtue signaling. "Look how woke I can be to climate change" They are making bold moves to 'save the planet' w/ no real plan in place. I am all for a Greener Earth and less pollution. I belive in global warming, but I am also smart enough to know you can't push a button and everything magically becomes Green and CO2 free. They need to put a long term plan into place. Nothing worse than seeing Biden shut down our energy independence and oil production and then go begging countries that hate us for more oil; countries that produce that oil in a less cleaner way than we can. OR, buying all the minerals we need for these electric cars from China, and Russia, the world's biggest polluters.
  2. How utterly fantastic would it be to see Trump win this lawsuit and essentially own CNN, the same company who spent years trying to bring him down 🤣
  3. Mainstream Media likes to paint the picture that it will be conservatives that riot if the election doesn't go their way. Last I checked, it's in Dem run strongholds that they board up windows to businesses during close elections.Last I checked, it was lefty loonies threatening court justices they don't agree with. Last I checked, it was the same lefty loonies burning down federal court houses. My prediction is that this country has had enough of the radical left with their lawlessness, and divisive rhetoric. They have had enough of these spoiled children on the far left demanding special treatment. They have had enough of the calling for defunding of police, the failures to prosecute criminals, and the attempts to let violent felons out of prison. Most Americans want safe streets, more police, and less crime, and they are going to vote like it this November. Mainstream media wants you to think abortion is first and foremost on people's minds when that is so far down the list. Economy, inflation, crime, a say in our kids education, protecting our borders-ALL of those things are most important, and you will see that this November on election night. #RedWave incoming!
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