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  1. Yall know, BREXIT was the cancellation of one glorious power, the EU, and now england and the UK stands alone. What if a new, equally formidable super power, i.e the USA, formed a pact in the place of the EU?
  2. No, I dont refer to the religious aspect of the resurrection. I mean in terms like, if Jesus came back from the dead, as indeed did Lazarus, how was it done? If we view the human body as a complex energy symposium, then resurrection means the ability for energy forms to go on co existing as a system repeatedly without being subject to decay. Yet decay is a proven fact, irreversible. Does ressurection mean then an exalted form of growth? Wherin the growth of new cells overtakes the rate of decay? Or does life in a human body mean something deeper?
  3. She is in fact planning to bring in indian immigrants, and I don't think that's racist. She's the first Indian american VP, and its more like a sense of pride in her indian roots, like love for family and friends that prompts that decision IMO. Why is it racist? Racism is a negative word that means against race, wheras kamala's decision is all about FOR race.
  4. USA under Biden will probably see the expulsion of illegal immigrants, and the intake of Indian immigrants under Kamala's green card scheme.
  5. Like the Delta strain, unforeseen contingency when the original vaccines were invented. What if Covid repeatedly produces new virus strains? Will we need to repeatedly invent annual vaccinations to handle that issue? Hypothetical situation, but what if?
  6. Can quantum physics prove the resurrection of Christ? Relativity, quantum physics, etc?
  7. Will China take it sitting down? Will they reciprocate with WW3? Is that why USA hasn't sued China?
  8. She's going to repopulate the American employment market with immigrants from India. That means even more competition for existing Americans seeking jobs. Good or bad idea?
  9. That's quite true. You can't say it was planned though. Was Covid a planned event? If so by who? I'll be making some posts about this topic. In any case, it is true that the covid and biden duo complemented each other, in terms of ratings and popularity.
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