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Found 1 result

  1. I would like MP Singh to answer the following. I hope, on behalf of our Charter rights to freedom of thought and other rights, and Canadian values, that he answers and that someone asks him these questions. Questions. You proposed a successful motion to have the Proud Boys labelled a domestic terrorist organization. What specific elements of their organization, Charter, mandate, philosophy, ideology promotes terror? Fact Check: None. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2021/02/01/opinion/ndp-campaign-ban-proud-boys-young-voters How many members of the Proud Boys have been convicted of domestic terror charges or criminal violence for actions related to their membership in the Proud Boys organization in Canada? Fact Check: None. You claim that white nationalists killed people on the January 6th trespassing incident in a foreign country. Name the people convicted of murder. At 4:50: Fact Check: No one has been charged with murder from the trespassing incident on January 6th in Washington. Oath Keepers, not Proud Boys, have been charged, but not convicted, of sedition. No murder charges for anyone. https://www.businessinsider.com/doj-uphill-battle-prove-sedition-charges-capitol-riot-probe-2022-1 The most serious charges facing Proud Boys members is obstruction ". This does not seem in proportion to a domestic terrorist group. Also, these 4 were acting as individuals, not on an organization wide direction. The group is not responsible for individual behavior. Compare these charges to Singh's claims. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/28/proud-boys-members-must-face-january-6-charges-us-judge-rules Singh claims: "Given their involvement in the violence, in the undermining of democracy and the incitement of those horrible images that we saw out of Washington, D.C., I think it is very clear this is a group that should not be able to operate in Canada," said Singh. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-the-monday-edition-1.5868846/ndp-leader-calls-for-proud-boys-to-be-designated-a-terrorist-group-1.5870383 Why do you allow events in foreign countries to influence Canadian laws? Do you believe there is a problem in the white community in Canada with racism and hatred? Fact Check: MP Singh routinely makes this claim. Do you believe any other community or just the white community has a problem with racism and hate? Fact Check: MP Singh is silent on crimes of hate involving other communities. You claim that Canada has a serious problem with white racists who are a threat to the safety of non whites, name the two most dangerous white supremacist organizations in Canada. Fact Check: Canada does not have a white nationalists problem. There are no organized movements of hate involving white supremacists in Canada. How many members are in these dangerous white supremacist organizations? Fact Check: Any such organization would have membership in the dozens , not thousands, and many members would be feds and antifa. You support Bill C 229 to have kkk symbols banned in Canada. Do you believe the kkk is a serious threat to the safety of Canadians in 2022? What is your evidence? When was the last incident involving the kkk in Canada? Fact Check: The KKK has never been a threat to anyone in Canada and is not a real concern in 2022. Toronto over the past four years has had over 400 shootings each year. How many have been linked to a white supremacist organization? Fact Check: None. https://data.torontopolice.on.ca/pages/shootings Do you believe banning the Proud Boys, flags, and kkk symbols are more important than addressing gun violence by gangs? Fact Check: MP Singh makes little to no comments about gang violence. In fact, the NDP supports defending the police which would allow shooters to kill more and be caught less. https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/warmington-star-ndp-candidate-carried-f-the-police-protest-sign Most race based studies categorize people into one of three groups: White, Black, other. Stats Canada shows that other/ non whites are the most successful in Canada in terms of earnings, and an OHRC study shows that other/non whites are treated the most favorable by police and a report based on Toronto School District Board data shows "other" are the most successful. Do you believe there is systemic racism? If so, whom does this system favour? You, MP Singh, would fall under other. Is the system designed for your success as an " other"? Do you have " other privileges " ? Fact Check: https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National Office/2019/12/Canada's Colour Coded Income Inequality.pdf The following five groups are even with, above, or about equal to White earning power: South Asian (25% of racialized population) are at 0.96 cents Chinese (21%) are at 1.03 Arab (7%) are at 1.00 even Korean (2.5%) are at 1.53 Japanese (1.2%) are at 1.24 Approximately, 60% of non-Whites (third generation or longer) are even or above White earning power. This data is especially telling because these groups actually experienced legitimate systemic racism. Japanese Canadians who are at #2 were subjected to internment in the 1940's. 90% of Japanese Canadians were interned and they now earn more dollar than Whites. How can this be a system of oppression? How are they marginalized in 2021? Chinese Canadians were subjected to the head tax and the exclusion act which are examples of legitimate systemic racism. Now, they earn 1.03 to a White dollar. Arab Canadians are even with the White dollar despite claims of "Islamaphobia". Not all Arabs are Muslim but they are impervious to systemic racism on their ability to earn in Canada. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf Figure 6 shows the outcomes for students at the end of the 5-year period. Within this cohort, 84% of White students had graduated from high school at the end of 5 years, compared to 87% of other racialized students. Other are graduating at a higher rate than White students. This is not evidence of systemic racism rather the contrary. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf 4.1.c Post-secondary confirmation (university): 60% to 47% Figure 8 compares the post-secondary plans of Black and White high school students in the same cohort. As the graph shows, almost half (47%) of the White students in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. A larger proportion of other racialized students (60%) in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. The group " other " has the statistical advantage. Mr. Singh, Please advise how Chinese people make up almost 20% of Canada 'a population yet less than 6% of the incarceration rate. Why does " systemic racism " not apply to Chinese people in the justice system? Fact Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_Canada Name any law in 2022 that is racist in favour of whites. Fact Check: There are none. All provinces have Human Rights legislation that make it illegal for discrimination based on race. You claim that the media engages in systemic racism by never discussing racism by whites. Are you unaware of media like cbc, Toronto Star, ctv, global news that consistently make news stories focused on racism? At 4:55 Fact Check: Trucker rally. Subban and the flexing fight. Every news story, every day is about how " racist " white people are. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-anti-mask-far-right-1.6020777 Mr. SINGH DO YOU DISAVOW Babbar Khalsa????? I hope someone asks this race baiting grifter anyone of these questions in question period or anywhere else.
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