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  1. Would you like to be there, so you could "Finish the job" and exterminate the Native fishers?
  2. What is comical, is I did not even have to wait for a reply. You war mongering chicken hawks are all the same. No empathy for your fellow man what so ever. You fit in quite well with the MAGA loons.
  3. Oh geez...you got me. Nothing gets by you. I guess I will just go back to the room where I keep my shrine to Karl Marx, Lenin, and Joseph Stalin at. LOL
  4. Yeah, let's all jack up our military spending! What a great idea. We can nuke each other if we suspect they are harboring Communists! To hell with health care, public infrastructure, and other social system that help our less fortunate.
  5. The Nazis did far worse. I find it somewhat frightening that anyone who is at odds with extreme right politics, is labelled a Communist. Do you people get out much? You do realize that not everyone is at the extreme end of the political spectrum like you are?
  6. Yes Canada is exactly like China. Entirely state controlled. No differences at all. There is no CTV, Global, or any other private media in our country, since we would be jailed for subscribing to it.
  7. It's light years ahead of Infowars and Breitbart or whatever QAnon shit you people are into.
  8. yes, especially when all of them will harm America in the long run.
  9. The 1950s just called. They wanted to remind you that McCartyism ended that decade, and Joseph McCarthy died an alcoholic.
  10. Like the BBC in the UK...two of the leading and most respected networks in the World.
  11. Great. Get rid of any type of health care. Screw 90% of the population who cannot afford it. Let's accelerate climate change wonderful. The forest fires on the West Coast are not damaging enough. Let's rig the courts so Women don't have the right for Abortions. NAFTA was great, and Trump decided to fix something that was not broken.
  12. FOX is more accurate than Infowars, but is garbage. Try CBC.
  13. Try Five Thirty Eight: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/
  14. Yes, that is another thing. Trump is a turncoat. Democrat for all of the 20th century. Contemplated running on the Reform ticket in 2004. Became a Republican shortly before 2015.
  15. You need to take a course on Political Science. Now go back to your QAnon sites.
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