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  1. Trump promised a health care plan before the end of August. It never came. Were is Biden and Harris , why is their not a healthcare plan they passed Obama/Biden/Harris care?
  2. Authorities in Pittsburgh, Pa., said they were investigating a newly released video that appeared to show protesters confronting outdoor diners in the city’s downtown on Saturday, a report said. FLORIDA PROTESTERS RELEASED FOLLOWING NONE Peaceful DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST EXONERATION OF OFFICERS INVOLVED IN SHOOTING One of the videos that were posted online appeared to show a man holding a megaphone calling diners at the establishment an “embarrassment.” Some of the diners can be seen getting up from their seats.The videos show Blacks Threatening Whites like when Sen Paul and his wife left the DC Republican party Were is the Police?
  3. Obama/Biden/Harris/Pelosi/care law forced on America 2011, COST 1,500.000 medical jobs, 458,000 American deaths, 36 million people unemployed, 29,000 smal Business closed at a cost of 1 trillion dollars and when COVID 19 hit the USA we had no healthcare plan in place in the USA WHY?
  4. Tell me CNN dose not lie CNN)New CBS News/YouGov polls reveal that former Vice President Joe Biden maintains his grip on the 2020 race for president. Biden's up 56% to 42% over President Donald Trump among likely voters nationally, and he has a 506% to 44% edge over Trump in the key battleground state of Wisconsin as well. Biden's 10 point and 6 point advantages are the exact same they were when CBS News/YouGov polled the contests before the party conventions. The polls are reflective of a race that barely budges even after two conventions, protests and unrest in some cities over police brutality and as the nation navigates the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the stability of this race is record breaking when looking at polling dating back to 1940. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has regained his lead following the two national political conventions in the latest Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey. POTUS Trump is now 3 % ahead in an average Battleground POLLS
  5. You are hittiong it right on the head, America needs to know this
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