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  1. You're still not giving an actual response to his simple request lol.
  2. So the news is out: Kamala Harris is Biden's VP pick. What are your thoughts and opinions on this? I personally do not like Kamala Harris. When Kamala Harris was in her 30s, she dated a married man in his 60s who was a member of the California Assembly. Any person with common sense could figure out that she did that to advance her career. I do not like people who do that kind of stuff. I also find her to be an unpleasant and untrustworthy person, but that's just me. I think someone like Amy Klobuchar would've been a better pick for Biden. Even Susan Rice I would've preferred over Kamala Harris.
  3. I honestly like Bill Gates more than the other left-wing top billionaires. The conspiracy theory about the microchips or w/e to track peoples' movements isn't impossible. I mean think about: billions of people will be getting this vaccine. Who knows what the world's elites may decide to secretly put into the vaccine. Maybe they want to poison as many of us as possible to resolve overpopulation and slow down climate change. Realistically, if the tracking conspiracy were true though, it would just be to track certain people. You would most likely not even ever get checked on by someone working at an office tracking people.
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