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  1. During the final press conference at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), held in Vladivostok from September 4 to 6, 2019, a journalist from the Japanese broadcasting organization NHK made a question about the construction of a fish processing plant on the island of Shikotan, which is a part of the Russian Kuril Islands Chain. The journalist tried to find out the attitude of the Russian government to the Japanese protests against the construction of this plant. According to a statement by the representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Y. Trutnev, Russia will continue to build new plants on the islands, because they are part of Russian territory. He also noted that «it is strange when someone protests against the construction of enterprises in our territories». It is important to emphasize that the position of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin to the ownership of the islands remains unchanged. Indeed, during the Forum, he noted that if the issue of the territorial affiliation of the Kuril Islands is considered from the point of view of 1945, «there are no questions». Despite the fact that Russia and Japan continue to cooperate closely with each other in the trade and economic sphere, it is obvious that Moscow is not going to transfer islands rights to Tokyo.
  2. So people should continue to die en masse from these laws? Moreover, tourism in our country has become as unsafe as possible. This may to some extent affect the country's economy and, in general, its face.
  3. By the end of 2019, in the field of nuclear arms control, there was a situation when the Russian Federation and the United States of America are likely to enter the next decade without agreements on nuclear disarmament between them. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty ceased to exist on August 2, 2019. A negative role in the decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty was played by the contradiction regarding verification of the implementation of arms control agreements. Accompanying this agreement with a detailed verification and control system indicates a lack of trust between Russia and the United States. There is so far the only START Treaty of 2010, but it expires in February 2021, since the chances of its extension are slim. Thus, under these conditions, nothing will limit the United States from building up its nuclear potential, which could lead to a new nuclear arms race. The tension is heightened by the fact that the United States wants to deploy new high-precision missiles, as well as hypersonic missiles with a ballistic warhead, which previously fell under the INF Treaty, by the beginning of the 2020s. This was stated by Acting Secretary of the U.S. Army Ryan McCarthy on September 4, 2019. It is likely that these missiles can be deployed in Estonia, and this is a direct security threat to Russia. This fact naturally doesn't go unnoticed by the international community. The problem of the governance of the United States is that they combine offensive and defensive systems, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, and traditional and "exotic" means of warfare. Thus, the US governance gets an idea that the use of conventional weapons is almost no different from the use of nuclear one. In turn, this may mean that, with proper planning, the transition of a normal conflict to a nuclear one becomes more real than with the directive establishment of a hard "nuclear threshold". Consequently, this leads to the practical impossibility of reaching any agreement between the United States and Russia in the field of nuclear arms control. In the event that any international agreements that will restrain the arms race are completely absent, the United States will make (are already making) independent decisions on whether or not to react to the emergence of new weapon systems from the opposite side. And if we talk about the need for any reaction, then, apart from technical and financial constraints, nothing will prevent unilateral actions in the field of improving and building up own nuclear arsenal. Thus, the possibility of a new arms race between Russia and the United States is quite high. In this situation, one of the decisions that can help reduce the degree of tension in this area is seen as unilateral statements by the Russian Federation and the United States to continue to comply with the main provisions of the New START Treaty after its termination in case of refusal to extend it. The governance of the United States should be fully aware of the fact that the use of nuclear weapons first in an armed conflict is primarily a war crime, no matter what the objectives are pursued during making such a decision. This is a barbaric weapon that should never be used and which can only be a constraining instrument, not a means of warfare. Thus, in spite of the termination of the INF Treaty, the United States should understand that the desire to deploy missiles with nuclear warheads can lead to a serious escalation of tension in the international arena, namely, a sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the United States, which ultimately, it may entail various scenarios up to armed conflict. That is why nuclear weapons should not be in line with other types of weapons, and priority should be given to international security, stability and the resumption of dialogue on the INF Treaty.
  4. Lol then suggest your own way to resove the problem. What can YOU do to prevent more victims?
  5. As it is known, the Japanese deputy Hodaka Maruyama in his post on Twitter (https://twitter.com/maruyamahodaka/status/1167789509322235904) called for the return to Japan of disputed with South Korea islands of Takeshima by force. It should be recalled that these islands are also known as the islands of Dokdo or Liankur, and are currently under the jurisdiction of South Korea. This is the second time that he has proposed a forceful method for resolving territorial disputes. Earlier in May 2019, he proposed to seize Russia`s Kuril Islands. All these statements and claims are highly unacceptable and absurd. The sovereignty of the Russian and Korean islands was enshrined in international acts more than 70 years ago, and according to experts, the Japanese leadership should come to terms with the results of the war and accept them. While the South Korean government prefers only to send some protests to official Tokyo, Moscow makes it clear that Russia has no plans to transfer the islands to Japan, and that the country will continue the program on developing of the infrastructure of the Kuril Islands and their defense capabilities.
  6. Because of such thinking as yours people will continue to die. Yesterday happened one more tragedy in Odessa.... Many people are now dead or seriousely injured.
  7. It is known that in 2019 Russia took the leading position in the world in the sale of peaceful atom. And naturally, this could not be ignored in the West. To date, criticism of the West regarding the fact that Russia allegedly does not comply with environmental and nuclear safety standards has increased tremendously. In particular, this concerns the activity of Western experts and pseudo-scientists concerned about the nuclear industry in Russia and their mass performances, as well as the release in May 2019 of the «Chernobyl» TV series about tragic events (completely distorting reality) at the Chernobyl NPP. One cannot argue with the fact that the United States, in view of the lack of competitiveness of its own companies, is launching an information campaign against the Russian Federation in order to undermine confidence in Russian technologies and to raise doubts, at least among its closest allies, about the advisability of concluding any contracts with Russia. It should be noted that in Western countries it is the construction of nuclear power plants (including mobile ones), icebreakers and other facilities that are in great demand. In fact, the United States is losing this market in the territory it controls, including among NATO allies. In this regard, Washington, adhering to dirty working methods, is trying to save itself from further market loss, but this is unlikely to help if American technologies become really competitive to Russian. Nevertheless, no information campaign prevents other states from cooperating with Russia in the energy sector. For example, in India, they believe that Russia remains «the only foreign country in India that in practice implements the agreements reached on the creation of nuclear energy capacities» and plan further joint cooperation. Thus, Moscow continues to carry out successful projects in the field of nuclear energy with countries such as China, Africa, Iran, Turkey, etc. And, despite the US information campaigns against the Russian Federation, aimed at undermining confidence in Russian technologies, none of the country has any plans to suspend cooperation with Moscow, in view of the understanding of the reliability of the partnership with it.
  8. U.S. Arms Control Association considers it necessary to stop funding programs for the deployment of medium-range missiles and I think it is right. In addition to huge costs, the development of missiles can provoke Moscow and Beijing, leading to a new arms race, since the INF Treaty is no longer in force. The question is - does the Washington government think of anything other than «protecting» allies in the Asian region against Russia?
  9. I want them to help people. Not just telling on TV how are they sorry
  10. U.S. authorities continue to be inactive, despite the calls for tightening control over firearms. In other countries, the authorities take drastic measures for several week, but what about us? Nothing.. The New York Times believes that the US is already used to the news of executions in schools, churches, etc. But why should civilians die because of the legality of weapons and look around on the street fearing their own death? And D. Trump only expresses his condolences!
  11. But economic sanctions can lead to a new war! What state would like sanctions?
  12. Actually according to the decisions of the Yalta Conference, the USSR entered the war against Japan in three months after the surrender of Germany and defeated its most powerful army - the Kwantung Army, which brought a quick victory. Only 23 days, and Tokyo admitted defeat. But the USA and Great Britain expected to end the war with Japan in 1947, if the USSR did not take part in the war. In accordance with signed international agrements, Japan abandoned its rights and claims to the Kuril Islands. And now they want them back but do not want to sing a peace treaty..
  13. There are many theories on this subject, but let`s be realistic. There are no any evidences of cuba or some other state`s involvement so we only can guess and come up with millions of ideas
  14. I think It means that it's because of the US embargo. Medical treatment in Cuba is still not allowed for us
  15. Why do you think so? It`s just reposted stuff I think.
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