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  1. Yes we should chip all the children as they are born so we can know every move they make because the worst thing possible is if they read and become educated , my God then they could be able to think for themselves and have real thoughts and ideas which we all know are bad things and worst of all what if they become so educated that they hold different thoughts and are able to debate on many subjects. Please hurry and start the tracking now.
  2. Troll or just stupid that is my question....no wait a minute I know the answer.
  3. Well I did change the Canada disability act allowing crones and ileitis to be listed as real disabilities instead of being called diseases that are in the head. I helped stop the liberal caucus from traveling Canada looking for systemic racism , I led the silent protest 2 years ago on the May long weekend. Got the government to open washrooms in many Canada employment centers for clients to use. I have sent over 10,000 letters this year to members of parliament while at the same time teaching people how to take an active role in government by using their democratic voice not just whining on sites like this. I am all so fighting for total governmental Recall. Apathy is the enemy of any country . Why what have you done?
  4. You seem to be a typical leftest that likes to come across as well read but are in fact the complete opposite .
  5. You are the one that talks like a ding dong .
  6. Anyone that flies the flag upside down is in fact showing deliberate disrespect and their opinions do not matter to me at all, I think it is a slap in the face. If you wish to show anger hang a photo of the political leaders upside down. NEVER THE CANADIAN FLAG
  7. Time for people to use facts and be free thinkers, my point again is when has any government ever had the best interest of the people in mind? They say it was not created in a lab but was being studied in the lab from where it was some how released and we will never know the truth because paperwork is already destroyed . The Chinese government is 100% to blame and by this I mean the Ruling monsters that could care less about their people . Anyone who thinks otherwise has their hats on too tight.
  8. What universal rights? are you talking Pronouns and the like? if you are they are not being given they are being used in order to strip people of real rights like freedom of speech. People need to wake up to the real truth.
  9. Wow some people should do more reading and watching more than CNN. I find it hard to think that in this day and age so many people go through life without being able to put their own thoughts together without the talking points of people that just hate a man for making fools out of a bunch of old politicians that got rich off of the working class people. I hope that people one day will awaken from the sleep they are in and see the light. Just imagine where the world would be if Hillary had been elected. People please do your research if you expect to be taken seriously .
  10. It is from China and they are the ones that need to pay but please do not lose site of the fact that the Canadian Lab in Regina I believe was working on this as well and even transported virus abroad on commercial flights like air Canada.
  11. I live in Calgary and up to the first of may ( I can not speak for the last two weeks ) Flights were arriving from all points and people were not being tested at all they were just given a piece of paper with the symptoms listed and told to seek a doctors treatment if they get any of them? what the hell is that really shutting down the country? Here is the bigger question . When has this idiot Prime Minister ever not failed the people?
  12. People of Canada are in fact partially responsible for where we are now and the reason is very simple and clear APATHY , We as Canadians believe that the moment we exit the voting station on election day our job is done when in fact that is just the start. We should then watch everything that our leaders do and when we do not agree we should be writing letters ( they are free , no postage needed ) we should be Calling the toll free line to the PMO ,Faxing letters and E-mailing. But that is not what happens. People will go on social media and complain but that is where it usually ends.
  13. People that believe in these apps that the government would have control over have lost sight of what the true intentions of government is and that is not to protect the people. There is an old saying about common sense not being that common. When was the last time that a government stood up for the people ? when?
  14. Why are some freshly picked apples from any orchard bad? why does it rain on different days of the week? what kind of question is this? there exists blatant loud racism in every country , every culture on every part of this planet .
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