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  1. - Western backed PYD terrorists keep attacking civilians. Another car bomb attack is done in Tal Abyad town which is controlled by Turkiye backed Syrian local forces. PYD terrorists was threatened civilians before not to live in the areas controlled by Turkiye and Turkiye backed Syrian local forces.
  2. - Pakistan sends navy ships to attend Turkiye's war practices in Mediterranean. - Azerbaijan, Jordan, Algeria, Libya also wants to partipicate in Turkiye's war practice in Mediterranean to shows their side to the World. - Turkiye and Libya agrees on strengthen Libyan navy forces. Turkiye does not want any Western countries to violate rights of Libya in Mediterranean.
  3. - After US cannot take good enough reaction by blaming the killing of British agent Le Mesurier on Russia, now they are planning to blame it on Turkiye. - US is planning to announce the assassin of the agent as being a Turkish person. - France intelligence learns that US is going to kill British agent, plans to kill a known Kurdish so-called parlamentarian and bring his corpse near somewhere British agent. - France intelligence was killed three PKK so-called leaders in France in year 2013 who makes peace talks with Turkish govt and blamed it on Turkish intelligence. - France intelligence gave up after they failed to bring so-called parlamentarian to Istanbul city despite big persuasion efforts.
  4. - Cannibalism resurgences in Iran. People of Iran surrounded by US starts attacking each other. - Before Syrian civil war was started, some groups was cleaned mined areas of Syria near Turkiye borders. - Two years ago some groups cleaned mined areas of Iran as well near Turkiye borders. - After civil war starts in Iran, a big migration is going to happen from Iran to Turkiye. - Turkiye will send all the Syrian and Iranian refugees to Europe. - They also wants a civil war to start in Turkiye as well but Turks are quite different nation than Arabs nor Persians. Any "more attempt" against Turkish govt by opposition groups is going to end fatal and bloody this time against the opposition.
  5. Criticizing Israelis for murdering a civilian is soo anti-semitic.
  6. - The PYD terrorist who kidnaps the bodies of two martyred Turkish soldiers have been caught alive by Turkish intelligence MIT after 1,5 years of follow up in Syria. Now he will beg to die.
  7. - Armenian priest and his father is killed according to claims by ISIS in PYD controlled area. - ISIS immediately took the responsiblity of the killing. - After preparing fake bomb attacks against themselves in the areas they control, seem like now they are trying to get sympathy by the killing of people in the areas they control. They are trying to say: Ohh do you see, Turks first caused ISIS to re-organize and now ISIS started to kill Christians. We are angels, Turks are evil.
  8. - US terror organization officials said that after Trump did not intervene with Turkiye's operation, ISIS started to organize again. Means: We are organizing ISIS to create excuse not to leave Syria.
  9. - Western backed PYD terror organization keep attacking civilians. PYD terrorists fired 8 mortars randomly from Tal-Rifat town to Azaz town center. Azaz is controlled by Turkiye backed Syrian local forces. Those who cares soo much about "civilians" are not there when the attacks done by their lapdogs you are disgusting creatures.
  10. - Turkiye is the second country in the World with the highest movie and series sales after US. - Western lapdog countries such as Saudi, Greece, Egypt and many others are pretty disturbed by their people watching Turkish movies and trying to stop it in a way. - EU is going to stop investing on oil works after 2023 based on reports about outdated fossil fuels and use of new type of energy sources. - Boron mine is one of the most popular new type of energy source of the future and 75% of the total proven boron mines are located in Turkiye. - Boron reserve in Turkiye is able to meet all the energy needs of the World for 500 years with the current amount of energy use of the World. - Another popular energy source after 2041 is going to be Torium mine. %15 of World's proven Torium reserves are located in Turkiye. - 11 Turkish scientists working on Torium mine were murdered before.
  11. The famous Turkish swindler "Tosuncuk" (The little calf) now is seen in Ukraine :lol: Tosuncuk was seen in Uruguay last time. According to criminal records he illegally collects 1 Billion 150 Million $ from totally about 132.000 people. 

  12. These so-called civilians taking it a step further with each passing day without a response by Turkish Army. I said at the first day when they threw the first rock, open fire on them and they will never try it again. Turkish Army rejects to respond these attacks to seem cute to Western countries, this is soo disgusting. Just hit the trigger of machine gun.
  13. - More details are revealed. - The terrorist caught claims that they planned the attack in Ain Al-Arab (Manbij) town of Syria. - A gray car which was used in the bomb attack belongs to two PYD terrorists named Iskender and Abu Ziyad.
  14. - Turkiye is going to declare a new country at Northern Syria which is going to be named as Turkmeneli (Turcomen Homelands). We remember that President Erdogan was said in an interview done a few months ago "These areas does not fit with the lifestyle of Kurdish people" and we could not understand what he was trying to say, now we understand what he means. I am against of calling any piece of lands with a nation/race name.
  15. - Turkish intelligence MIT caught the terrorist alive who held the recent car bomb attack in Al-Bab town of Syria and murdered 18 civilians. - Turkish Defence Minister said that Western backed PYD terror organization released at least 800 Western backed ISIS terrorists.
  16. - Turkiye have been canceled the purchase of British Steel after British government rejected to sell patent rights of the products.
  17. - Iran minister of road and urbanism said they are going to be part of the new Silk Road project The One Way The One Generation. - Iran president Ruhani said that they found a new reserve consist of 53 billion barrels of oil. - Protests started in Iran blazes out. - US trying to control all the oil, natural gas and any other important reserves to prevent growth of China and prevent growth of other countries said that they support the protests in Iran.
  18. Western lapdog PYD terrorists keep attacking civilians living in areas controlled by Turkiye and Turkiye backed Syrian local forces. Another car bomb attack done in Al-Bab town of Syria where Turkiye was neutralized more than 3500 ISIS terrorists with The Operation Euphrates Shield.
  19. Hi, Turkiye's operation The Peace Springs perfectly fits with international agreements. Even if there were no international agreements we still have right to enter Syria or enter US or enter Britain or enter whatever country that openly shows a hostile attitude against Muslims, Turks or any World people. If you think that we are wrong, come here and stop us.
  20. - Officials says that the British agent Le Mesurier suicide himself but there are more than 40 broken bones in his body caused by hits. - His wife claims that he was sleeping in the bed and when she wokes up, he was lying on the ground, his corpse was with daily clothes and not with sleepwears. - The place where according to claims he jumps out is also soo short place to suicide, someone jumps from there would probably maim himself instead of dying. - The British queen Elizabeth was calling Le Mesurier "Bond" and he was the last James Bond of Britain. - Le Mesurier was planning bases projects for The European Army Pesco.
  21. - US was planning to assassinate the British agent in Syria and was going to claim they killed him while he was trying to assassinate Assad. - After the agent Le Mesurier learns that US is going to assassinate him in Syria, he canceled his Syria trip. - After Russian officials have made some descriptions about the agent Le Mesurier recently, US didnt miss the opportunity the kill him and blamed it on Russia. - US controlled media agencies also keep the descriptions done by Russian officials on the agenda to strengthen this perception. - Russia and Britain is negotiating about Mediterranean underground resources behind the scenes. - Now pro-Pentagon British opposition started to blame Russia about the killing of the agent as it was done before with the assassinate of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in London. - CIA also designed a photo and have sent photos to queen Elizabeth, in the photos the agent Le Mesurier sits in a cafee and two Russian agents sits behind him recognized by AI, taken a few days before the assassination.
  22. - The British agent was working for Soros. - He studied at Sandhurst royal military academy. - Planned to build The White Helmet so-called aid agency in NY and London than gave up and built it in Istanbul and Dubai. - He was talking Turkish good. - He was served for British special forces in Bosnia. - He was investigating about Turkiye's oil works. - He built a special group to investigate Turkiye's oil works in Mediterranean sea. - The group hold meetings in yatches in sea of Marmara, on the third monday of very month. - He died in a way with two broken arms and two broken legs and cuts in his face. - There are 3 more agents close to him, we didnt hear about them because they are still alive. - After the killing of the agent, US increases security measures in Dubai, in case of any possible retaliation by Britain against US agents.
  23. - Turkish officials said that all the clues shows he kills himself.
  24. - After PYD terrorists started to lose their credibility in Western public opinion by threatening and bombing civilians in Turkiye controlled areas, they started to bomb the towns they currently keep under invasion, to claim "Yes we may be attack civilians but Turks are also attacking civilians in areas we control" with their limited IQ. It is a well known pratice of PYD terrorists that harming themselves or innocent Kurdish civilisans to blame it on Turkish security forces. Again this is soooooo israeli, israel terror organization and many other terror organizations uses the same tactics literally. One of the most famous of them is bombing their own embassy in England or destroying twin towers in newyork to blame it on people they want to attack.
  25. - British agent have been killed in Turkiye. The agent was known with his support to Western backed "White Helmets" criminal group operating in Syria under humanitarian aid mask.
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