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  1. Is it just me or does this guy look a lot like Rush Limbaugh?
  2. No one is blaming women, but they are saying that society should acknowledge and maybe even try to help with some of the issues that men face, rather than brushing it off and saying "man up." When I was in university (in the 2000's) there was talk of creating a counselling center specifically for men (like the ones they have for women, indigenous students, LGBT) so that maybe they could deal with things like high drop out rates, high suicide rates, the fact that mentally ill men are less likely to seek treatment, domestic abuse (it happens to men, but they rarely talk about it because they are expected to "man up") etc. It was squashed by the student union. They said men aren't a marginalized group. The word "misogyny" came up. You get the idea. Saying that "men as a group are facing their own specific issues and maybe we should try to offer them some help" is not the same as "blaming women."
  3. Exactly, and the key point here is that it is a choice. The "wage gap" comes from the blue collar sector, but it has nothing to do with discrimination or sexism or any of that other nonsense that feminists gripe about.
  4. Men don't care who uses the same public washroom as them, sex-segregated washrooms are there for the benefit of women. Yet men will be the ones who are ostracised over "gender neutral" policies.
  5. Mark my words, if the social justice warriors get their way on these "gender neutral" washrooms it will end up being the "cisgendered" male who gets the shaft, no pun intended. We will undoubtedly lose our urinals, and will likely be ordered to sit for #1 lest a woman be "triggered" by the sound of a man in the stall next to her. Men will never be fully accepted in supposedly "gender neutral" public washrooms.
  6. Perhaps I should clarify. I meant that the Johnson/Weld ticket is the best I have seen. It's shocking and extremely unfortunate that no one is taking them seriously, especially when they are going up against the likes of Trump and Clinton.
  7. I like Ron Paul as a libertarian intellectual, but his record in the legislature is less than stellar. He spent decades banging on about ideology while happily sneaking all kinds of pork and earmarks into unbeatable omnibus spending bills. Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld both have had successful terms running small-government administrations at the executive level. This is by far the best US presidential ticket I have seen in my lifetime, yet no one will give them a second glance because they don't fall under the red or the blue. It boggles the mind.
  8. I actually like the Olympics, and I hope that the inevitable failure of Rio will lead to the IOC picking one permanent location to hold all future games. It would take a lot of the politics and other nonsense out of it. As for the doping, I don't have any answer for that.
  9. Even the poorest countries have an upper class.
  10. The NHL is still a professional league and the Leafs are a big thing in Toronto. As much as I like the CFL it is still bush league football, and they simply will not get away with Leafs-tier price gouging. Even MLSE's ability to overcharge on Leafs tickets is on shaky ground, which is why any attempts to put NHL teams in Hamilton or Markham have been torpedoed by the league.
  11. Are you talking about his ex-wife? Feminists seem to think that we should believe all women who allege sexual assault, except when they recant said allegations. You cant have this both ways. There are armies of political operatives, from all sides of the political spectrum, who would not be letting this stuff go if there was even a whiff of credibility to it.
  12. The only media outlets reporting on this are far-left rags like the Huffington Post. I'm calling bullshit for now.
  13. I have a lot of respect for Lisa Raitt and I will keep an open mind if she chooses to run for the leadership, but I have never really heard any interesting ideas from her. She seems like an extremely competent managerial type, but I don't see her leading the party to an election victory over the Liberals.
  14. I'm no fan of the obtrusive, big-government regimes of Harper, Chretien, Martin, and Mulroney, but we will really have sunk to a new low if our two main parties are being led by airheads like Trudeau Jr and Michele Rempel.
  15. I don't understand why anyone in Ontario would get into this business, the regulations in your province are outrageous. The rules are more sensible in other parts of the country, and landlords can actually have some control over their investments.
  16. I'm impressed that no one booed the final speaker. You can be sure that CNN and MSNBC were waiting for that moment, so they would have something to squawk about this morning. I guess they'll have another full day to tackle weighty topics like those few lines of vague rhetoric from Melania Trump's speech.
  17. No. A senate appointment is, in the vast majority of cases, a reward for political hackery. Fundraisers, party donors, spin doctors, hack journalists etc are given a high-pay low-responsibility job-for-life as a reward for their partisan service. Senators rarely do anything of value for the people of Canada. These are the worst kinds of patronage appointments and ought to be illegal.
  18. Voting should be a right for taxpayers only. The unemployed should not get a say, and votes should be weighted based on how much tax one pays.
  19. No kidding. This is the main problem with government, both in the legislature and the civil service, that we tend to get stuck with the people who are too incompetent and/or lazy to make it in the private sector. I imagine that Bernier took a major pay cut to get involved in public service, and in 10 years of being an elected representative there has been no hint of corruption about him. It leads me to believe that he is actually in this to do some good, and at the very least we should listen to what he has to say, regardless of a mistake he made a decade ago (missing files, biker chicks).
  20. The Ontario Liberals have been free to brazenly steal from the province's taxpayers for 13 years and counting. And yes.
  21. Since when do Newfoundlanders need to concern themselves with financial reality? Transfer payments will do just fine.
  22. It is unforgivable that Harper didn't abolish the senate when he had the chance. At the height of expense scandal none of the provincial governments would have dared try to stop him.
  23. I've seen Rempel spouting talking points on P&P, and I get the impression that she has only been politically successful because she is a relatively young and attractive woman in a party that tends to be associated with angry old men. She is all style and no substance, but unlike Trudeau she doesn't have the benefit of a famous name. And this Scheer guy seems like a simpleton, he has no chance either. Also, is it too much to ask for a PM with a bit of private sector experience. I am sick of these career politicians who went straight into the legislature after finishing university. Bernier has solid experience in business and law, that is the kind of person I want in charge.
  24. http://www.torontosun.com/2016/07/14/shocking-grey-cup-ticket-prices-show-argos-are-clueless-about-situation-in-toronto Is anyone actually planning to pay this much money for a CFL game? I was actually going to attend the Grey Cup this year, but now I am refusing on general principle. This years game will be a failure and a huge embarrassment for the league when many of the seats in BMO Field are empty.
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