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  1. Oh I don't have to work, dear, nor do I go out at night, but thanks for your concern. Lol
  2. Of course. That's the point of laying charges, the goal of the protests. Ya, we saw Stockwell Day's character. End of story.
  3. I stand corrected. I was aware of preferences, not restrictions. Racism in hiring is systemic and has to be addressed directly.
  4. AND WE HAVE SOME WINNERS! Denial of racism among Canadians. Denial of racism among Canadian police. Denial of racism in the death of George Floyd. 4 MLW is STILL the racist winner of Canadian discussion boards! Cue the deniers Q? If white supremacists truly believe in the supremacy of the white race, the dangers of inter-mingling races, the threats of multiculturalism to the white race ... why do they deny their own racism? Do they not have faith in their own ideology? Always a mystery!
  5. When did you last experience discrimination, harassment or abuse solely because of the colour of your skin?
  6. I'm not going to debate whether racism is worse outside of Canada. This is a good summary of Toronto incidents. Outstanding right now is the verdict in the aggravated assault of Dafonte Miller by an off duty Toronto PS officer and his brother. December 2016 — The beating of Dafonte Miller: The then-19-year old Black Whitby man was severely beaten during an encounter with off-duty Toronto police officer Michael Theriault and his brother, Christian Theriault. He sustained serious damage to his eye, which required surgical removal. The brothers were charged with aggravated assault; the trial was completed earlier this year but the verdict has been delayed by COVID-19 court closures. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/06/02/from-police-shootings-to-protests-over-anti-black-racism-torontos-last-three-decades-of-racial-controversy.html
  7. George Floyd was a Black man murdered by four white cops, all now arrested and charged: 2nd degree murder, Aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder x 3. It's the context of the topic. That and resulting protests.
  8. The OP is about racism. Sorta kinda related to a Black man being murdered by 4 cops in the US recently, resulting protests everywhere, chaos in the US ... and specifically Doug Ford in Ontario repeating something like what Stockwell Day said (OP) - 'Canada isn't racist like the US ... ' We're more subtle about it perhaps. Oh ya, Trump's hydroxychloroquine-damaged brain is gonna fix all that for ya! Fill yer boots. Lol
  9. Alberta alienated itself, refusing to see the writing on the wall.
  10. You obsess about closing the border, but doing so earlier would not have stopped Canadian snowbirds from coming home and visiting elderly relatives without isolating first, nor health care staff returning from holidays and going straight back to work in Long Term Care without isolating, nor PSW's forced to work in 2-3 LTC homes to make a living wage. Your xenophobia has you pointing your finger in the wrong direction: The virus came home with Canadians. The problem was not borders but lack of isolation of returning Canadians, and lack of proper staffing conditions in LTC.
  11. I don't believe "a good shit-kicking" by a 'Chad' is going to fix any Incels who are inclined to violence against women. Quite the opposite.
  12. So ... you're suggesting taking away constitutional rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly? Or that are they only for white people? Clarify ... ?
  13. I think they've had plenty of that. Bullies do pick on the socially awkward kids, likely a part of the problem.
  14. Involuntary celibates - Incels - want relationships, but they're ... rejects. They hate women for rejecting them.
  15. Hawhawhawhaw! Credit for humour-writing. Thx for the laughs. See above re who buys these vanity guns, which are now no longer legal. Canadians who have to deal with loonie NeoNazi violent creeps in their neighbourhoods regularly are very much affected and informed about why banning vanity-murder guns is an excellent development in law.
  16. If these are mature, responsible men who simply enjoy range shooting as a hobby, why do they need a pimped up vanity gun penis-extender that's dressed up to look like a military assault rifle for killing people? Who is going to see it? No, they are not your mature, responsible sport-shooting pals. They are these whacked-out alt-right goofuses: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/wjw5d4/new-paramilitary-training-video-emerges-of-neo-nazi-terror-group Disturbing images showing eight masked men shooting what appears to be a combination of shotguns and assault rifles is the latest propaganda posted by neo-Nazi extremist network The Base, as the group garners the attention of law enforcement in both the US and Canada. ... around the time it was believed The Base was training near Spokane, Washington State and undertaking a “hate camp” —a paramilitary-style training camp for militant neo-Nazis. ... just one day after an alleged member of the group was outed as a soldier with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and was under investigation by federal authorities. Master Corporal Patrik Mathews, a member of the CAF Reserves, is accused of participating in the armed neo-Nazi collective and is now being investigated by two police forces, the RCMP and military police. Patrik Mathews was outed by a journalist as a Manitoba recruiter for The Base, ousted from the CAF, his arsenal of guns & explosives was seized by the RCMP, he fled (illegally) to the US to join The Base members there, was recorded there bragging about plans for mass murders, was arrested there and is now awaiting trial in the US. https://globalnews.ca/news/6562728/patrik-mathews-court-maryland/ Men who like to use those lookalike military assault rifles are dangerous wannabe-mass-murderers hoping to incite "race wars" in North America. Such groups are finally (after much stonewalling) on the police lists of potentially dangerous extremists - right up there with Greenpeace /sarcasm. There are hunters and sport shooters who deserve to have their right of gun ownership protected. Neo-Nazis with grandiose delusions of racially-motivated mass murder do not ... and their testosterone-spiked unnecessarily scary looking vanity guns are now banned. Good. It's likely a safe guess that some Canadian law enforcement reps helped generate the list of guns to be banned, with knowledge of their popularity among alt-right extremists in Canada. They are the target of this regulation, not hunters and sport shooters.
  17. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156827210371736&id=610241735&d=null&vh=i https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156827210371736&id=610241735
  18. Do criminals really use flashy rifles jumped up to look like military assault rifles? I doubt they want to attract attention to themselves carting those around. No, the proud owners of these now-banned fashion items are likely to be racist haters with visions of murder, inciting race wars and the glory of 'saving the white race' ... or right now, perhaps "going postal"to save themselves from wearing a mask. "spent 15k on a gun he can't afford" ? Obviously not to hunt to feed his family. Something really wrong with that much need for a flashy wannabe assault rifle. It just screams 'dangerous'.
  19. Raw case rates and totals are complicated by testing rates and population size, so I look at deaths per million population for comparisons across jurisdictions. The US has about double the death rate (per million) of Canada, not the same. As of Yesterday, May 9 2020 ... USA 242 deaths per million Canada 124 Calif 68 (well below US overall) https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries And if you're comparing US to Canada by taking out NYC (2300 deaths per million), we're taking out Montreal (660 deaths per million). Deaths easier to identify than cases, and COVID deaths are relatively easy to distinguish from other deaths, whether by 1) lab test, 2) CT lung scan, and/or 3) Doctors' diagnosis.* Bungling the numbers is less of a factor in these comparisons. * Note that the uninformed conspiracy video simpletons claiming over-identification of COVID deaths are wrong in saying that a lab test is the only reliable way to diagnose COVID: A lung scan and doctor's diagnosis is much more reliable than test results. Why? Anecdotally, in Montreal, for example, cases of peoples' swabs sat in Public Health Nurses' trunks too long, before they could deliver them to labs, and all were negative - ie, the virus degraded and disappeared in the samples before it could be identified. That's just one of the vulnerabilities of "lab tests". Doctors' diagnoses are preferable, and Covid deaths can be confirmed after death as well.* So you're promoting a falsehood here, bush_cheney. USA private health care is not doing as well as Canadian public health care. Montreal was overwhelmed, but mostly by long term care cases. Elsewhere, hospitals were able to clear enough beds to address hospitalized cases very well. No country has done well in Long Term Care. That is the common failing of all systems. Elders dying excruciating deaths with no family support, elders still living in fear in locked down Covid-ridden facilities ... with no oversight, and no family support. All are dying at rates higher than normal due to neglect or just loss of will to live, without family contact. In Ontario ... questions have to be asked about privatized for-profit long term care facilities, some of which gutted all medical systems and staffing for pandemic plans/preparations to increase profits and shareholder dividends. A public inquiry is being demanded. It appears to be the same in Quebec, and across the country: 80% of Canada's deaths are from Long Term Care homes, the part of our system that has been most heavily privatized. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/no-easy-fix-for-long-term-care-home-problems-highlighted-by-covid-19-1.4932175
  20. 1 So they're unnecessary anyway, and now banned. All good. 2 I was not talking about hunters. They are not the concern here. (You need to read more carefully, as you've interpreted this all wrong, perhaps intentionally to stir the pot?) NOBODY is trying to take away necessary hunting guns. However, there is concern about the increasing propensity for terrorism among the far-right delusional gun nuts, Nazi wannabes who want to incite 'race wars'. We don't need them running around with wannabe assault rifle lookalikes. I doubt the lame-leaders Conservatives will be taking power and walking this law back any time soon. They've isolated themselves out of relevance, into a corner consisting of far right goons with pimped up guns, religious bigots and those with their heads stuck in the oil sands. They can't represent Canadians, can't conduct the necessary business of the country, and have little relevance at the national level anymore, imo. It looks like the courts will decide what guns can be banned and why, and it will be interesting to see the the rationale ... but it won't be soon.
  21. 1 This is a normal course of law-making in Canada: Legislation can be challenged in a court that rules on its constitutionality. If legislation survives the challenge, it makes it stronger. 2 What the banned 'hunting' guns have in common is that regardless of legal functioning, they are dressed up to look like something illegal - military assault rifles - which they are not, as you yourself pointed out earlier. Thanks for that clarification, btw. Don't lose sight of it, as it is significant and it will be significant in the court challenge. The banned ones are, in a sense, replica guns. I'll just remind people that any criminal using a replica or toy gun in committing (eg) a robbery can be charged, convicted and sentenced for 'armed' robbery. It's addressed according to what it is perceived as by victims, and its resulting control of their actions, not whether or not it can actually kill. In that context, I can understand why police, in particular, would want to get these pimped up replica assault rifles off the street, so they can tell what they are really dealing with. They are nothing more than trendy fashion items for the small-weenies of the far-right hate groups to intimidate people with, imo. Do any real hunters actually need, or use these penis-extender fakes? I think not. This is an example of who values and uses such replica assault rifles: Hate groups. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-tuesday-edition-1.5253191/how-an-undercover-reporter-exposed-an-alleged-neo-nazi-in-the-canadian-military-1.5253800 At the same meeting, he was, you know, using homophobic and racist epithets. He openly mulled over the possibility of, like, sabotaging a rail line and things. So, you know, this was clearly an individual with ... a potential propensity for violence. Patrik [Mathews], in that first meeting, you know, said ... he wanted to engage in paramilitary training. He didn't use those terms, but that's what it was. And that's consistent with what The Base is up to right now across North America. They're hosting paramilitary training events called Hate Camps. They're really influenced by this very obscure neo-Nazi from the United States named James Mason who kind of pioneered this bizarre blend of, like, the world views of Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. They idolize serial killers and mass murderers. I actually look forward to this court challenge of the new gun ban, REALLY interested to see how the hate groups try to defend their 'rights', and how the court responds to that aspect of this case. 3 There is a significant study out of Toronto that looked at firearms injuries and deaths in children and youth. Airsoft guns were included because they are frequently the cause of injuries, damage to eyes, teeth, soft tissues, etc., some permanently disabling. That may be the rationale for the ban. 4 It's clear to me that the Liberals consulted with a variety of relevant lobby groups and their 'experts', including law enforcement and medical researchers as well as the gun rights lobbiers. We will likely see all of these relevant experts testify in court, and we can then evaluate the info for ourselves, and/or leave it up to the legal expertise of the judge, as we choose. Most Canadians do not want to interfere with the rights and capabilities of people to hunt for food, nor to legitimately defend themselves/their families. That isn't the purpose of these bans. I think clarifying reasons publicly through the court challenge will make that clearer to people, and I welcome that process.
  22. Ummm ... not sure how this incident is Trudeau's fault. Can you clarify?
  23. Army guy, can you clarify for me what "full auto" means, and what guns have it, of the guns now banned (and those not): Auto-loading? Auto-firing? Both? Which are now legal/not legal?
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