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  1. Taking that 90% of the world population is barely getting by, and don't even know if they will be alive tomorrow. Only a small very spoiled privileged minority of humans even have the time of day to stop and ponder on something as irrelevant as the environment. They are to bizzy just making ends meet.When you get your head out of your ass, and realize that most humans will die if they don't keep plugging away at their sweat shop jobs making cheap shoes for you to buy at Walmart you will finally realize how ignorant of the world we are. 90% are just making enough to bring home a Bol of rice home for their kids. Once they see pollution is killing them, Yes, they will stop, And then die from having no food to feed themselves.
  2. When the environment is so bad we have mass deaths happening from it, it won't be a problem to invest billions to clean it up and create jobs.At that point in the future we will have become so efficient at doing everything that new jobs will be welcomed anyways.
  3. It's like talking to someone with a IQ of 90. If that's what you understood from our conversation, I'm really sorry I can't be waisting my time with you.
  4. As a parent, Don't you think my kids Are higher priority then, science, social-services, the environment and our role in a global community? Without kids Canada will not even exist in 40 years.
  5. No one is having kids, we will all be extinct by the time we have to pay it back. Who cares? Spend spend spend!
  6. Once Russia invades Iraq, can Donald Trump start WW3 on Russia?
  7. It reminds me of playing risk, when everyone took a turn to invade Middle East to collect a easy card
  8. Giving Quebec the tools to distinguish itself from the rest of Canada, and freedom to chose its own policy could have been a huge factor in keeping that province inside the union without any bloodshed being spilled.
  9. You do know PHT, JT father, a huge contributer in the advancement of multiculturalism in Canada. He enjoyed Smoking huge amounts of pot, and likely experimented with other drugs. He was elected largely by a young hippy baby boomer population. That also liked to smoke large amounts of pot and experiment with other drugs. It's not a secret Pierre liked to party and enjoy himself.
  10. The idea of multiculturalism is a little like communism. It looks good and fancy on paper, but It isn't really compatible with natural human instinctual behaviour. It's likely a idea some brain dead hippy thought up while he was stoned out of his mind and tripping on acid.
  11. It's admirable how Harper has slowly regained many votes despite being polled unfavourably at the beginning of the campaign. It really shows how politically adept he is, and how abismal his opponents are.
  12. It's Black dog and WIP. Everyone has a hard time taking anything they say seriously.
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