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Iraq Connection - Libya Surrenders

Craig Read

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Sorry Libs, but the mailed fist approach works with fanatics, dictators, fascists, socialists and other unsavoury types - including liberals of course.

Libya does a 180 degree turn and capitulates. Gee me wonders why ?

The timing and nature indicates the Bush anti-terror Doctrine. According to the WSJ, Gadhafi first approached British officials in March, just as the war in Iraq was getting under way.

From the first days after September 11, Mr. Bush offered state sponsors of terrorism a choice to be with us or against us. If Gadhafi had any doubts about U.S. resolve after the Taliban fell in Afghanistan, they vanished once he saw that Saddam Hussein was also headed for the spider hole of history.

It's amusing to see the same people who have opposed the Bush Doctrine now claiming that Gadhafi's conversion is the triumph of liberal diplomacy. EU Pres Prodi claimed on the weekend that Libya's reversal "demonstrates the effectiveness of discrete diplomacy and engagement, which has been the European Commission's consistent approach." The French and Senator John Kerry said something similar, as usual. The Lib Dumbocruds always support their French masters.

But years of diplomacy by itself didn't seem to move Libya from its terrorist ways. Only when Gadhafi could see that WMD programs were a path to his own self-destruction, as they were in Iraq, did he agree to surrender.

Military strength is needed for a robust foreign policy - something the Canadians need to re-learn.

Pearson must be tossing in his grave in Wakefield.

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All you say makes perfect sense and is probaly right.

I, though, have a problem with giving Gadhafi any kind of credit except that he is smart enough to stay one step ahead of the terror game.

I have tried to find an angle for him to be trying and have failed.

I guess it is possible that he is just scared.

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Certainly, the Axis of Evil is crumbling and the Bush doctrine is working regardless of what the CBC and TV5 state. I watched TV 5 last night and was amazed at the French reporting. It was a 30 minute rant against the US, Bush with all sorts of specious claims about WMD, the illegality of the war in Iraq and Bush's policy failure. It was vapid, ridiculous and xenophobic. As I told a US friend - France is not your ally - they actually hate the US - it is embedded in the media, the education and political processes.

France makes money from sponsoring terror - this is the reason why they are so vitriolic. The worst thing that can happen is that the US listens to these losers and disengages.

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Like every French regime before this one will take a fall and when they do quess who they will call on for help.

The problem now with France is the fact that they have embedded thierselfs with the terror dogs on one side and the EU on the other.

One day they may have to choose and that will be a day Chirac will certainly wish himself dead.

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Chirac is so corrupt he makes Chretien look like a sparkling boy scout. Le Devoir is certain that Hussein directly funded his campaigns. He is a whingeing xenophobic mafia impersonator.

I don't know why the left liberal media is not reporting with greater detail and more often the collapse of Libya. The US and Britain have now effaced one dangerous regime and all that remains is to finally remove Ghaddafi from power. Iraq has signalled to all rogue regimes that their glory days are over.

We need to complete the job in Libya and crush the PA. Then move on to Syria and Iran.

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The media loves reporting downed helicopters in Iraq - how about the positive outcome of Bush's Foreign policy - one less mindless tryant to deal with and other rogue regimes now in compliance mode.

The media have barely noticed, but the Bush Administration has embarked on a burst of "multilateral" cooperation. It's called the Proliferation Security Initiative, and in only a few months of existence it has already had more success than the United Nations in controlling weapons of mass destruction.

Just ask Moammar Gadhafi. As the Journal reported last week, the Libyan strongman finally agreed to open his country's weapons sites to arms inspectors only after the U.S. and its PSI allies halted the illegal shipment of uranium-enrichment equipment headed for Libya's nuclear-arms program.

It remains to be seen whether Gadhafi will actually dismantle his program, but at least it's been exposed -- no thanks, by the way, to the U.N. agency charged with monitoring such things. Libya's nuclear program was news to the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose inspectors somehow missed it entirely -- after they'd earlier missed secret programs in North Korea and Iran.

sce; WSJ Jan 8th

The theme is correct - the corrupt post modern and french dominated UN is a farce. Multi-lateral coalitions of the willing are necessary.

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