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Love and Hate

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Love and Hate


James Bredin

Love is a powerful emotion but hate is even stronger,

And like a disease it can both kill and last even longer,

Mix in power, clerics, ambition and politicians,

And all it takes is a switch for hateful warlike conditions.

Hate can be taught to last for more than a thousand years,

Point at their religion, race, politics and shed no tears,

Forbidden to negotiate or even bother to sit down,

While everyone listens to some loud clerical clown.

Peace compared to love is like war compared to hate,

Warmonger and hatemonger don’t want to debate,

And those who sit down and declare peace in our time,

Are ridiculed severely as if it was an awful crime.

And politicians of course refuse to take the blame,

They are united as each of them eagerly proclaim,

Onward onto glory and the good guys always win,

To think otherwise would be a terrible terrorist sin.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Canadian Criminal Justice System


James Bredin

Soft-on-crime appointed judges love publication bans,

Politically correct decisions to aid barbarians,

No names or gory details revealed so they’re home free,

And we the public, in the dark, are required to agree.

And like minded politicians say they all concur,

Its easy bail and short sentences that usually occur,

Even the names are forbidden for those under eighteen,

Though all the hidden details that could be obscene.

And who ever said that the public had a right to know?

Not in the Charter written by Chretien and Trudeau,

No property right either while democracy bereft,

Odious orthodoxies of their socialist far-out left.

Terrorist refugees on the incoming flights,

Each and every one of them claiming Charter Rights,

Thanks to the Charter imposed without a referendum,

And not signed by Quebec but this is no conundrum.

There is no doubt about it but judges should be elected,

Just to prove that they are not politically connected,

And the names of all accused should be in public domain,

No wishy washy soft-on-crime stuff to explain.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Love and Hate


James Bredin

And politicians of course refuse to take the blame,

They are united as each of them eagerly proclaim,

Onward onto glory and the good guys always win,

To think otherwise would be a terrible terrorist sin.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

So what you're saying in the last verse is that if we disagree with this simple, black-and-white, childlike view you have, that we are commiting "terrorist sin".

And yet, in another of your terribly-crafted excuses for a poem, you state that.....

Their omnipresent socialist propaganda is free,

Pumped out carefully daily in the media and TV,

And we are programmed to think along certain lines,

Just like Lenin and Stalin did in their times.

So, in other words, if it's a viewpoint that you disagree with, it's "propoganda" and mental "programming".

But, if through your awful verse, you get EVERYONE to agree with your own simplisticly skewed view, then it's simply avoiding "sin".

Not very strong on consistency are you???


(Not very strong on poetry either, it seems.)


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You know, this whole political poetry thing looks like fun.

Maybe it's time for al of us to take a crack at it.

Here's my inaugural entry.....


July 22 2006


A would-be pundit spouted out verse

That went consistently from bad to worse

His phrasing, rhythm and scansion were bad

His own ideology off just a tad

He spouted of sadness, he spouted of woe

He spouted of Chretien, and of Trudeau

He spouted of judges who are soft on crime

He seemed to be spouting off all of the time

He spouted of immigrants tainting our shores

And how terrorists lurked behind each of their doors

He spouted and spouted and ranted and raved

How though draconian measures the worlds could be saved

And yet in his spouting, himself he betrayed

And his own hypocrisy oft he displayed

For any news source at odds with his agenda

He deems to be just left-wing propaganda

And yet in his poems his readers he chides

Those who disagree with him he simply derides

Saying we’re thinking thoughts we are programmed to think

While HE tries to program with verses that stink

And so he’ll continue to spout out his creed

But likely very few will take any heed

‘Cause his ultra-right ramblings to read are no fun

For he stands to the right of Atilla the Hun

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