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Trump’s Wealthy Donors Will Gladly End Our Democracy To Make More Money

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Trump’s Wealthy Donors Will Gladly End Our Democracy To Make More Money


The wealthy people bankrolling Trump are traitors to the United States. I know that sounds extreme but let’s be clear, these people are not the run of the mill MAGA supporter who Trump has conned into believing the 2020 election was stolen. These people – like billionaire investor John Paulson who has an MBA from Harvard Business School — know full well that Trump attempted to end our democracy in 2020, both by way of a behind the scenes coup and the Jan 6 attack. These wildly rich people also fully grasp Trump has vowed to pardon his MAGA terrorists, has literally channeled Hitler with his language about immigrants “poisoning the blood” of America, intentionally incited violence, spoken about being a dictator, repeatedly praised autocrats, vowed to “liberate” America from Trump’s political opponents and more that are all flashing red warning signs for our democracy.

Nearly 60% of those who voted for Trump in 2020  are people with a high school education or less.  These people may or may not fully grasp the threat Trump poses to our nation. They may not get what fascism is or how the fascist leader utilizes corruption to reward wealthy supporters with even more wealth. But I can guarantee that the obscenely wealthy people at Trump’s event on Saturday do.

Regardless of how the 2024 election turns out, one thing is clear: These wealthy donors have chosen Trump and improving their bottom line over protecting our democratic Republic. 

And so will the right wing Canucks posting here. On the plus side, that is not TREASON, just illegal foreign campaign interference.

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