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The RX File. (Ideology from that Reason guy)

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Might as well give some relevant details, since I've been treated both as a kindred spirit AND a troll at this forum.

Reason10, the screen name originated somewhere around 1995. It was supposed to be based on the Reason Foundation (a free market libertarian think tank) but at one forum there were already NINE "Reason" screen names, hence the TEN.

I live in Florida. Was originally born in Texas and grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Attended North Carolina public schools. Of course, this goes back to the Sixties, and public schools were a different world back then. (If you'd like to create a thread on public schools from the Sixties, I promise it won't be boring.)

As I've mentioned earlier, one of my jobs is that of a substitute teacher in two Florida counties. That actually came about because of a DARE from my college English instructor. She and I were fast friends, well after I graduated. (And no, there were no romantic overtones in that friendship at all.) My degree was in Business Administration. She and I often discussed teaching English, (something I'd REALLY love to do full time.) She finally told me to put my money where my mouth was and apply at Southern College for English instructor. They were hiring all the time. She said the business degree wouldn't matter, since I had gotten several articles published in the Orlando Sentinel over a period of a few years.

I got hired on the spot. Lasted at this community college for a little over a year when I found out that substitute teaching pays more. So I got certified to sub in Orange County. A few years later, I moved from Orlando to a location that will remain undisclosed.

My other career will also remain undisclosed, mostly because last time I made the mistake of telling a political message board where I worked, a bunch of liberals from that forum showed up at my job and caused a scene. So there will be no Dox bait here.

My attitudes on public education come from listening to TEACHERS. I would be considered a LIBERAL for some of the ideas that I've come to agree with them on. But they taught me more about public education and about how to teach than any university could. Bottom line, the teachers I know are seriously committed to their professions and are enthusiastic about going to work every day. It's inspiring to watch.

Yes, I'm kinda old. But i color my hair so people won't notice. Yes, I'm vain about my age. Sue me.

The political ideology actually originated around 1978, as the Carter Administration's disastrous policies almost destroyed my career. Up to that point, I hadn't paid attention to politics at all. I was a young twenty-something and looking to party. Ronald Reagan was the first politician I ever voted for in 1980. Did it with an absentee ballot from North Carolina, since I would be in Pennsylvania when Election Day took place.

It was Rush Limbaugh and William F. Buckley who helped crystalize the conservatism that makes up my character today. Rush was successful in destroyed the monopoly the left had on public opinion with his very successful radio show. On the heels of his success, FoxNews was born and the public finally had a news source that gave all points of view.

The big thing is my support of FREE SPEECH. The First Amendment was not written for popular speech. It was written for speech that people may not like.  To me, the ONLY cure for speech you do not like is MORE FREE SPEECH. The marketplace of ideas can always use more and more vigorous debate. It's healthy.

Okay, some of the ideology, negative or not: 

It's obvious I have very little respect for liberals. I won't go into details because you can read my posts and get all the details you need. And I honestly try not to be insulting when debating a liberal but it's uphill.

Reader's Digest on ideology:

1. Government Spending-Way out of line. 75 percent for entitlements. And the Kerrey Danforth Report says it will blow up by 2030.

2. Taxes-I would overturn the 16th Amendment, get rid of the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax of 5%. That would be the FAIREST tax of all. The highest achievers (just like today) would pay the lion's share of the tab. The lowliest welfare bums and even illegal aliens would actually wind up paying their fair share of taxes.

3. Public Schools: NO, I would not do as Joe Clark (Principal of Eastside High, and the subject of the movie "Lean On Me") suggests and get rid of all public schools and replace them with private schools. We are paying for public schools. If anything, there needs to be more positive parental interest in the education of their young skulls full of mush.

4. Guns-I do not like guns and will not allow one in my house. But the Second Amendment IS the Second Amendment.  Put a damned Sherman Tank in your front yard, for all I care. It's YOUR right.

5. American borders-President Trump was right. The border needs to be sealed and the illegal aliens need to be deported. Of course, I have no problem increasing the quotas of LEGAL immigrants coming to America, (just as Trump wanted). Thing is, the illegals would have to go back to their countries and get in line. They would have to follow the law. America has enough criminals without having to import them.

6. American defense-President Trump certainly pulled the rug out from under the NeoCon crowd with his opposition to the Iraq War. I think he represents a huge conservative faction of Americans, who basically do not want our tax dollars spent on America being the police of the world. President Trump was actually thinking outside the box when he suggested that some rich countries like Saudi Arabia actually PAY us to protect them.  Foreign wars mean the bravest and most idealistic men and women in American will be sent overseas and put into harm's way. I believe not ONE soldier should be put in harm's way unless it directly benefits the safety and security of the United States.

There may be some other issues (Dem versus Rep/ Abortion/ etc) The six are probably my most important ones.

That's the RX File for now.

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